Abhaneri Festival on World Tourism Day in Rajasthan



With the multitude of colors and vivid shades of its rich culture, Rajasthan once again gears up for annual cultural, social fairs and festivals. Beginning with the vibrant Abhaneri Festival at the popular Chand Baori known for its stepwells, Rajasthan is soon going to bathe in the beauty of music, dances and cultural events.

Nukkad Artist 4


Abhaneri (Around 94 km from Jaipur on Agra Road) will host a two-day (on September 26 and 27) ‘Abhaneri Festival’ beginning from today at ‘Chand Baori’ and Harshat Mata temple from 10 am to 5 pm. Conceived and celebrated since 2008 by the tourism department, the festival has gained popularity and a large number of foreign and domestic tourists visit Abhaneri during the festival and throughout the year. Marking the theme of World Tourism Day on September 27  this year, there will be a camel cart village safari along with Rajasthani folk performances like ‘Kachhi Ghori’, ‘Kalbeliya’ and Algoza. There will also be a performance of shehnai and a puppet show. The ‘Bahrupiya’ will add humor to the event.

594_448618278506731_791567880_n kachchi ghodi chakri dance3 chakri Dance 2 Nukkad Artist 2

Be a part of the celebrations at Abhaneri and drink in the rustic charm of traditional Rajasthan with Abhaneri Festival.

Images: Rajasthan Tourism Buzz (Abhaneri Festival 2013)


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