Theatre Extravaganzas in Jaipur



This is a good weekend for theatre lovers in the city. Jaipur will host various theatre actors and directors, including Anjan Srivastava, Rakesh Jugal Kishore, Samik Bandopadhyaya and artistes from UP, Kerala and Maharashtra, as part of the Indian People’s Theatre Association’s annual meeting.

Jaipur-based People’s Media Theatre and Rajasthan Forum will also present a drama extravaganza, Katharang 7. To be held today and tomorrow, it will include Hindi and English plays. On day one, Harishankar Parsai’s Bechara Common Man and Apraadh, written by Udai Prakash, will be staged. On day two, The Wedding Story by Juliaane Homokay, Pag Ri Jooti by Vijaydan Detha and Sadhachar Ka Tabeez by Harishankar Parsai will be staged for theatre aficionados. City-based group, The Amateurs, too, will showcase their acting skills with the play Aakhri Mauka on Sunday.
The two-day event, scheduled to be held today and tomorrow, will touch upon various aspects of theatre.


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