Camel Polo; the new attraction of Rajasthan Tourism


camel polo

Camels fascinate tourists from across the borders with their movements, desert charm and grace. People from all over the world visit India to attend the Festival where camel owners flock to show-off their camels and off course the exuberance of Thar Desert.

Rajasthan tourism brings an exciting surprise for the tourists in Rajasthan, especially for those traveler who want to experience the escapades of “off the beaten track” among the multicolored desert people of Rajasthan.

Tourists visiting the desert state of Rajasthan can soon enjoy Camel Polo with the state government contemplating to introduce the entertaining activity in sand dunes.

Camel has been accorded the status of State Animal recently and now the government wants to further promote camel as one of the most important features of tourism in the state which is more popular as a destination of forts and palaces.

So next time you visit Rajasthan, do ask your travel operator to also take you to spectator the exciting game of camel polo in Rajasthan.



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