Three-day donkey fair begins in Jaipur!


A three-day donkey fair began at the Bhavgarh Bandhya village in the district today on 1st October, during which nearly 300 donkeys and other cattle will be put on display for trading.

The 500-year-old fair is popular as ‘Gadarbh Mela’.

Donkey Fair

Donkey Fair

Hundreds of traders and farmers are flocking the annual donkey fair which is believed to be the Asia’s largest, in Rajasthan.

The fair at village Kanota, barely 25 km from Jaipur, is famous for its pedigree animals. Most of the deals are struck between traders, who sell the donkeys further to washermen, potters and construction workers to be used as load carriers.

Besides the donkeys, recently camels and horses have also been added to the shopping list with many visitors even feeling that the horses are fast establishing a dominant position in the 500-year old fair’s donkey tradition.


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