Marwar Festival in Jodhpur



Fairs in Rajasthan are not just confined to mythological beliefs in nature relating to Gods and Goddesses, but are also celebrated to commemorate the brave legends of medieval heroes. The Marwar Festival, held in memory of the chivalrous heroes of Rajasthan is one fabulous example.

Originally known as the “Maand Festival”, Marwar Festival is devoted to music and dance of Marwar region of Rajasthan. For the two days and nights of sharad purnima i.e. Full Moon, folk artists bring to life the myths, legend and folklore of the area into a beautiful canvas of colors and fanfare.

The festival will be celebrated from October 07  and 08, 2014 in Jodhpur, the former capital of Marwar Province.

marwar 14

The keen spectators will witness an awe inspiring amalgamation of totally raw music and dance of the Marwar region. The spirited folk dancers from across the local borders will assemble here, perform with gusto and entertain the audience with Rajasthani folklore by bringing to life the legends and myths of the heroes. Among the other popular attractions during the Marwar festival are horse polo, horse rides and cattle games.

Marwar Festival



marwar horse

Various other competitions are also held during the festival. The massive backdrop of Meharangarh fort and the impressive Umaid Bhawan Palace add glamour to the melodious experience of the festival.

Marwar Festival

Don’t miss to be a part of this cultural extravaganza, if you are in or around Jodhpur during Marwar Festival!!


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