Witness the colorful culture of Rajasthan with Ranakpur Festival


Ranakpur temple

Dance, music, lights, colors, tempting food and vibrant costumes, there is something eccentric about the festivals of Rajasthan that makes them irresistible! With the onset of festival season, there are celebrations, gatherings, events and fairs galore to look forward to. Right after the globally acclaimed Marwar Festival, Rajasthan brings another splendid for the tourists to once again gain an insight into the life of people of Rajasthan with Ranakpur Festival scheduled for October 09 – 10, 2014. Here’s the Schedule..

Ranakpur Festival Schedule


Just like folk festivals in Jodhpur and Jaipur, the holy town of Ranakpur near Pali witnesses a mélange of Rajasthani folk performances and Bharatnatyam festooned with renditions by renowned vocal artists and dance performers during the Ranakpur Festival.

With the setting sun, the ambiance becomes calmer but no less enchanting. Fireworks dazzle the sky in the evening and kick-start the cultural programmes at ‘muktakash’ (open air auditorium at Surya Mandir aka Sun Temple) . Mesmerizing folk music and dance performances at the open air theatre transform the place to a vibrant platform


It is a cultural event where a large number of tourists from not only Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer but across the borders come to have two days of unparalleled fun in authentic Rajasthani style with the right mix of culture, history, fun and pleasant weather.Undoubtedly, the whole experience becomes more enthusiastic only because of the venues at Ranakpur, which reflects marvelous architectural skills of the artisans of that era.



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