Jodhpur Celebrated Medieval Heroes’ Sagas with Marwar Festival



Marwar Festival

Because of various legends that are sung by bards in the folk lore, the heroic sagas of the kings and warriors have become a vital part of the Rajasthani culture. And the Marwar Festival this year once again brought to life the celebrations of the brave deeds of medieval heroes.


The main theme behind the festival like every year was to praise the heroes and martyrs of the medieval era with scintillating dance performances, recitals and musical nights by the local and renowned artists from various fields.

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There were unusual competitions like Pitcher “Matka Race” Turban Tying competition and Mustache Competitions in which foreign tourists participated with much enthusiasm and even won many competitions.

turbancollage img_7420-copy tug of war pic-marwar mustache

During evenings, various performances like  Kalbeliya dance, terah tali and Kachchi Ghodi were held by folk artists through which they narrated stories from the past sagas.

terah tali M Marwar Festival marwar

The festival for two days was an ongoing colorful ride of cultural and traditional bonanza during which everyone in the Jodhpur town was smeared with all the colors of Rajasthani folk arts.

Tourists watching Festival

camel Nukkad dancers-marwar

The spirited folk dancers assembled at the various venues like Mehrangarh Fort, Clock tower, and the holy town of Osian to perform with gusto and entertained the audience with Rajasthani traditional art forms.


A small fete “Haat” was also organized by the state tourism and cultural board wherein a number of craftsmen displayed their skills in handicraft and tatoo art on their cattle, where one can even buy displayed artifacts and craft items for themselves and their cattle.


The night concluded with a cheer from the delighted crowd who could be seen sinking in the festive spirits of Marwar festival and the fading sand dunes bade a breezy farewell to the Marwar festival to come again next year.

Marwar Festival

Picture Courtesy: Rajasthan Tourism


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