Pushkar attracting tourists for Camel Fair



pushkar faircamel in the evening

Tourists and locals from across the world are flocking the annual Pushkar fair in Rajasthan. The week-long cultural extravaganza, which began on Friday, is exhibiting numerous art and craft stalls that are attracting scores of tourists. The town of Pushkar can be seen as a cultural phenomenon with vividly dressed devotees, musicians, acrobats, folk dancers, traders and tourists shining in joy.

camel and visitors Foreigner

People are enjoying folk dances and performances by caparisoned camels and various music and dance performers from different parts of Rajasthan and neighboring states.

dancer2 happy winners hula hooping girl Pushkar fair sports ground school girls

On the first three days, the tourists also participated in plethora of local sports and competitions to even win some of those. Besides there are exciting camel rides, cattle exhibitions, camel show along with succulent food stalls to enjoy the festivities of the fair.

camels and men foreigners hot air balloons

The Pushkar town is transformed into fair ground with rows of makeshift tents selling creative crafts, jewellery , cattle accessories and mouth-savoring delicacies.


Offering a lifetime experience for tourists, photography enthusiasts, Pushkar camel Fair is also attracting spiritual followers for enchanting evening prayers and religious gatherings in temples and ghats for holy dip in lake.

IMG_0214 ghat night evening prayers

Three more days, and the colorful Pushkar Camel Fair is going to bring more smiles on the faces of local & foreign tourists and photographers!!


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