Chandrabhaga Fair


Chandrabhaga fair-jhalawar

Every year in Rajasthan, on the full Moon night of Kartik Purnima, Jhalawar town is transformed into a religious carnival with the celebrations of Chandrabhaga Fair. The fair is annually observed by the thousands of pilgrims who thong the sacred place Jhalrapatan in Jhalawar and take holy dip into Chadrabhaga River, which is considered as a sacred and sanctifying river by the locals.


Scheduled from November 05 to 07, 2014, Chandrabhaga Fair would also attract farmers, cow, camel, horses, and bullock & buffalo owners from the neighboring states like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra as huge cattle fair is also combined with the festivities.

If you are a fairs and festival enthusiast then this festival is a fabulous opportunity for you, tourists and visitors to partake and understand the rituals in this gala event with great enthusiasm.


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