Bundi Utsav 2014


Bundi Town

Beautifully held every year in Bundi, a scenic town in the Hadoti region of Rajasthan, Bundi Utsav is a marvelous festival of culture, celebrations and fanfare. With numerous traditional and religious customs, the Bundi Utsav 2014 is scheduled to take place from November 09 to 11, 2014

deep daaan.jpg 1

Bundi Utsav is a fascinating blend of rich culture, traditional art display and craftsmanship which raptures every visitor with its grandeur. People visiting Bundi during this festival are truly mesmerized by its scenic and natural beauty.  The colorful carnivals , Arts & Crafts Fair, Ethnic Sports, Cultural exhibition ,DEEP DAAN ,Folk/Classical Music & Dance Programmes , Sight Seeing, Musical Band Competition, Turban competition, Traditional Rural Sports, Bridal Attire and sparkling fireworks display are the added perks that make Bundi Festival even more lively and eventful.

Bundi Utsav

“Keshorai Patan” a tiny hamlet near Bundi often referred as “Mini Pushkar” becomes favorite spot for the tourists, especially during Bundi festival.

This colorful and lively festival of Rajasthan will also take you through the journey of exploring the people, customs, culture, costumes, music, cuisines and physiographic diversities!!!bundi utsav

Mark your calendar!!

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