Bird Fair 2014 in Udaipur



Udaipur is famous for its shimmering lakes and water bodies like Pichola, Fatehsagar, Swaroop Sagar, Goverdhan Sagar, Badi and Baghdara.  A vast array of species of bird inhabits these lakes of Udaipur. The lakes and marshlands are home to some of the most interesting of the 500 plus species.  To boost eco-tourism in Udaipur, a three day bird watching event will be organized from December 20-22, 2014 which includes Bird watching in the city’s periphery and nearby places, a workshop and other related programs.


Moreover, the water bodies at other places around the district like Menar, Vallabhnagar, Mangalwad and Sai also extend this complex where local and migratory birds live in accordance to the climatic and natural conditions.

In winter season, Udaipur attracts migratory birds from Himalaya, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Arctic regions.

The Bird Fair is an attempt to make Udaipur recognized globally as “Bird Watching Center”.

Program Schedule

20th December – Bird Watching and Fair

Location – Jungle Safari Park on South corner of Pichola Lake


20th December – Workshop on “Bird Tourism in India and Potential in Udaipur” (3-6 PM)

Location – Rajasthan College of Agriculture

Keynote Speakers – Dr Asad Rehmani, Director BNHS


21st December

Bird Watching in and around Lakes of Udaipur


22nd Dec

Workshop on “Conditions of water bodies in Southern Rajasthan”

Location – Rajasthan College of Agriculture


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