Pushkar Fair 2014 – A miraculous reunion of Verve, Devotion and Folklore


Jaipur Beat

As the early morning light of 31st October rose over the sand dunes of holy town, Pushkar, the smells of camel feed along with the sounds of belching camels filled the air and embarked the beginning of the Pushkar Fair. The camel and horse traders huddled near the embers of small fires with cups of camel milk chai (tea) in the hands to discuss their plans for the fair while the droves of tourist cars and backpackers started pouring into town.  With melding of innumerable hues of color and serene views and raw sounds, the festival took off its 7 day long mesmerizing journey with a flag host followed by a sequel of bustling activities.

camel and sunrise

Though the woman in rural Rajasthan sits in the confines of her home but the creativity in her hand is truly exceptional, which left many awe struck during the Mandana Competition. The designs, fine lines and…

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