Matsya Festival in Alwar


The historical town of Alwar is going to host a two days’ Matsya Festival on November 30th and December 01, 2014.

Alwar Matsya1

Picture from the year 2013


Popularly known as the “Tiger Gate” of San Luis Potosi, Alwar is one of the oldest cities in Rajasthan and its prehistoric and historic sites are an archaeologist’s delight. Located 160 km from Delhi and 150 km from Jaipur, the town is surrounded by lush green Aravalli hills and presents refreshing natural ambiances. Forests and lakes form the backdrop to this beautiful place. The site is dotted with architectural splendor.

alwar sagar

Alwar Sagar


Alwar is also known as Matsya Desh, where Pandavas- the mighty heroes of Mahabharata, spent the last years of their 13 years of exile.

Take note of the programme details on 30th November and 01st December, 2014

Alwar Matsya2


On Sunday, 30 November:

On 30 November the celebrations to the festival will begin with ‘Maha Aarti’ at the Jaganath Mandir at 5.15 am. This will be followed by a ‘Heritage Walk’ from Mahal Chowk to Hope Circus at 7.30  am. At the famous Silised will be a cultural programme beginning 11 am. From 3 pm in the afternoon will be a procession from the Old Information Centre to Sagar Jalashay (water body). At the Sagar itself in the evening at 5.30 pm there will be a ‘Deepdan’.  In the evening the visitors and tourists will get an opportunity to watch a cultural programme from 7 pm onwards at ‘Mahal Chowk’.

On Monday, 1 December:

On 1 December will be a city round by the name of ‘Alwar Darshan’ from 8 am. The round will begin at Tourist Reception Center. This will be followed by competitive games like ‘matka race’, ‘tug-of-war’, etc. This will be held at 12 noon at the Indira Gandhi Stadium. In the afternoon from 2 pm onwards will be a special programme for children at the stadium itself. The tourists will witness once again in the evening the cultural programme from 7 pm at the ‘Mahal Chowk’.

The grandeur, beauty and magnificence of Alwar’s many palaces and forts, shimmering lakes, magnanimous hunting lodges, archaeological sites, thick forests, several birds and animals blended with an equally diverse socio – cultural configuration have made this region a traveler’s delight.

For more details you can contact: 

Mr. Chandra Shekhar Vyas

Asstt. Director

Tourist Reception Centre, Alwar

Tel.: 0144-2347348

M: 08741861464



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