Mount Abu Winter Festival


mt abu

The mountain calls again for the annual Winter Festival at Mount Abu! A magical hill station in the otherwise hot region of Rajasthan, Mount Abu celebrates Winter Festival ever year with gusto. Slated to be held from December 29 -31, 2014, Mount Abu celebrates the happiness and cheerfulness with the tourists and local dwellers of this picturesque hill station.

Tourists are welcomed here during the festival with great enthusiasm and they celebrate the festival with great joy and happiness.  It is a three day long festival that emphasizes on celebrating  the beauty of the hill station and the hospitable culture and tradition of the region.

Boat race competition being held at the Nakki Lake in the Summer Festival in Mount Abu.

The celebrations generally begin with a ceremonial procession which starts from the RTDC Hotel Shikhar and proceeds further till the epicenter of the hill station i.e. shimmering Nakki Lake. The procession gets together and ends at Nakki Lake Chowk, this is followed by folk and dance performances by troupes from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and nearby states.

Mount Abu 1

The festival closes with a grand finale display of amazing fireworks. Three things have made this festival rise up to a world platform they are the hospitality, the colorful culture and the exotic location. Apart from these cultural activities, water sports, rowing competitions, cricket matches also add to the festivities of the festival.

 Festival Mount Abu

So if you want to take part in the lively and colorful festivities of Winter Festival at mount Abu, pack your bags and proceed for the wonderful celebrations!!

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