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Resplendence of Holi at Brij Festival Bharatpur


Brij Festival DSC_0012

Rajasthan offers the charm of festivities all round the year. A visit to Rajasthan during any time of the year can fetch you the glimpse of some festivities going on! It’s like you can have numerous reasons to have a ball.

There’s this carnival called the Braj or also termed as Brij festival of Bharatpur which has been replicating the spirit of Holi and also impersonate the timeless love of Radha Krishan. A few days prior to the celebrations of Holi this festival is celebrated in the month of February and March. Scheduled to take place from February 28 to March 01 this year, the Raslila is going to be the main attraction of the Brij festival. It is a dance form which epitomizes the melodious and mesmerizing love saga of Radha Krishan, performed by the villagers of Bharatpur. This spiritual connect brings devotees from across the globe to assemble  at  Shri Radha Krishnaji’s temple at the ghats of the Banganga River and also the nearby shrines of Hanuman and Ganga Bihari, the Shiva temple and the Math of Goswamiji.


The festivities of Brij festival are usually tagged with other folk dances and the spectators – young and old, rich and poor are all soothed in swayed in the festival spirit. The entire ambiance of Bharatpur gets filled with the mesmerizing sound of folk songs and ballads. The whole town is painted in bright colors and no one is spared from being splashed with colors. Brij Festival DSC_0250

The local and foreign tourists in the town have so much to take back from this land that has left an impact which is to be treasured and not to fade away from the memory lane too soon.

Following is the list of events and activities to be held in Bharatpur and nearby towns- Deeg and Kaman during the Brij Festival 2015.

Government of Rajasthan,

Tourist Reception Centre, Bharatpur

Braj Holi Festival, 28th February and 01st March 2015


Bharatpur / Deeg / Kaman







8.00 AM to 5.00 PM Nature Walk For Children

Bird Fair/Seminar/Film Show

Photography Exhibition

Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur
7.00 to 10.00 PM Anuradha Paudwal Concert


MSJ, College Ground, Bharatpur
7.00 to 9.30 PM Rajasthani Folk Music and Dance Performances Gramin Haat, Bharatpur



8.00 AM to          5.00 PM Photography Exhibition Interpretation Centre, Keoladeo National Park
10.00 AM to        5.00 PM Rural Sports- Indian Wrestling, Kabaddi,           Tug- of -War and Cricket. Lohagarh Stadium , Bharatpur
DEEG 12.00 Noon to 04.00 PM Rajasthani Folk Music and Dance Performances

Colourful Fountains Show

Deeg Palace


07.00 to

10.00 PM

Performance “Krishna Dance Ballet” by Sriram Bhartiya Kala Kendra, New Delhi Deeg Palace


KAMAN 9.00 A.M. to

5.00 PM

Gulal Holi, Doodh –Dahi Holi, Laddu Holi, Phoolon Ki Holi, Latthmar Holi


Folk Artist’s Procession

Gokul Chandramaji Temple, Madan Mohanji Temple, Radha Vallabhji Temple and Main Bazaar
7.00 to 10.00 PM Maharaas followed by Fireworks Display Kot Upar Stadium, Kaman
24 -02-2015 to 01-03-2015
Braj Industry & Handicraft Fair Time: 12 Noon to 8.00 P.M.

Venue : Gramin Haat, Company Bagh, Bharatpur

Glimpses of Amer By Night


The amazing news of night tourism being inaugurated intrigued us to go and enjoy the glory of Amer during night. It was a mesmerizing sight to behold when we first saw the magnificent Amer Fort all illuminated in the glory of night!

The fascinating beauty of Amer Fort for night tourism added a new dimension to tourism in the city. With beautiful placement of lights to enhance the visual display of the monument and its places, was quite an experience not only for foreigners but also domestic tourists who came to see the Amer Fort at night. Amer By Night was definitely an attraction.

Here’s a glance at ‘Amer by night’ which illuminates vibrant hues at Jaleb Chowk, Diwan-e-Aam, Mansingh Mahal , Baradhari , Sattais kacheri and Sheesh Mahal.

Jaleb Chowk

Jaleb Chowk

Sattais Kacheri

Sattais Kacheri





Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal



For the night tourism, Amer Fort opens at 07.00 pm to 10.00 pm every evening.

Jaipur celebrated Food Oscars with Times Food Awards 2015


The magnificent Jaipur Marriott yesterday evening was all at glory with experts from best of the best food world. It was the night of the Food Oscars, where the best in the business walked away with the top honours in the culinary world.

Times Food Awards Jaipur 2015

Team of Grunge, Forresta and Handi receiving awards


The Times Food Awards Jaipur, 2015, where the food enthusiasts celebrated the best of the culinary world — the best chefs, the best restaurateurs, the best bars were there to honour and get honoured. Yesterday evening, all the food lovers of the town including guests from neighbouring states and abroad came together to celebrate a gastronomically-rich evening that’s unparalleled in taste.


The chief guest of the evening, TV actor Ashish Sharma, gave away the awards to the best in the business. Around, 34 winners in 21 food and nightlife categories walked away with the commendation plaque. Along with the Food Oscars, the 2015 edition of the Times Food Guide in Jaipur was also unveiled during the event. This handy, easy-to-use Times Food Guide Jaipur 2015 will make eating out and having a good time all the more fun in Jaipur.

Team of Mainland China receiving Award

Team of Mainland China receiving Award



Grunge Jaipur  Best Night Club
The Forresta  Best Alfresco Bar
Copper Chimney Best Multi cuisine
Handi  Best North Indian
Mainland China Best Chinese in Casual Dining

Night Tourism at Amber Fort inaugurated


Amer Fort

The magical epitome of grandeur Amber Fort under the sun light during day is a must visit place for tourists in Jaipur. The fort would now turn even more fascinating and enticing with the launch of night tourism officially beginning from today i.e. February 21, 2015.  After placing the lights and fixtures in the fort, the department of tourism would finally launch “Amber by night,” from Tonight.


The monument that regularly shuts at 5:30 pm would now remain open for night tourism at extended time i.e. from 7pm till 10 pm. This can be also extended depending on the response it will get from the public and tourists. For the night tourism, the Jaleb Chowk, Diwan-e-Aam, Mansingh Mahal and Sheesh Mahal have been illuminated with glorious colourful lights.

The introductory ticket price for the same would be Rs 100 for both domestic as well as foreign tourist. Enjoy the magnificence of Amber fort amid the glory of night!

Michelin Green Guide features Rajasthan Tourism


Amer Fort

The second edition of Michelin Green Guide featuring Delhi Agra and Jaipur is launched in India recently.

The guide proposes itineraries for exploring the vestiges of the short-lived city Fatehpur Sikri, spotting tigers on a jeep safari in Ranthambore National Park, and experiencing the local color at Pushkar’s annual camel fair and of course, marveling at the Taj Mahal.

Ranthambhore Gate

Recommendations for places to eat and stay, including those linked to sustainable tourism like trails at off-beat locations, visits to organic farms, bio-diversity protection, and descriptions of the enduring ways of life, culture and heritage that are community based, and environmentally friendly highlight the guide.

You can get the guide from

Udaipur to have Rajasthan’s first all birds park



Udaipur’s zoo at Gulab Bagh will soon have a new identity. It will be famous as Rajasthan’s first bird park with a variety of local and scheduled species.

With the shifting of all animals to the newly constructed Sajjangarh biological park within a month, the Gulab Bagh zoo, which had been one of the main tourist spots of the city, would be converted into a dwelling place exclusively for the avian species. The construction work for a bird zoo spread across 51,135.47 sq meters may take off from the coming financial year.

Since the Gulab Bagh is a heritage building, made in 1862, the idea was conceived to turn the place into a bird park. More than 50 varieties of scheduled and local birds are expected to be seen here.  It is also worth mentioning that in December, authorities from tourism and forest department and nature enthusiasts had agreed upon an “Udaipur Declaration on Birds” to protect and conserve the avian species of South Rajasthan from threats. The participants recommended various measures to reduce human-wildlife conflict and promotion of regulated wildlife centric eco-tourism activities. Check on fishing activities and 50% area of wetlands be kept free of any commercial activity like boating, recreation had been then suggested.


Maha Shivratri in various temples of Rajasthan



Mahashivaratri that will fall on February 17, 2015 is celebrated with great fervor in Rajasthan. A large number of devotees observe strict fast on the day. They also believe that an earnest and honest celebration of the festival will give them a respite from all their sins. This festival is mostly celebrated by women of the Hindu community. After fasting for the whole day, they devotedly pray to the God. Married women perform these rituals for the well being of their husbands. Unmarried girls perform these rituals to get the best husband like Lord Shiva.

The entire country is bathed in the spirit of celebrating auspicious festival of Maha Shivratri today.  The enthusiastic devotees of Lord Shiva will perform special prayers and make an offering of bael leaves, coconut, flowers, milk, honey, fruits and water to the Lord Shiva.  And the chants of “Om Namah Shivaya!” will be heard throughout this Maha Shivratri night in temples. Here’s a list of prominent temples which you can visit today to experience the real essence of Maha Shivratri !

Devotees making offering on Shivling (Image via Google)

In Rajasthan, where numerous festivals are celebrated throughout the year, Maha Shivratri is also commemorated with great pomp and gaiety. To mark the celebration of this festival, we take you on exploration of iconic temples of Rajasthan dedicated to the Lord Shiva. Here we go-

Eklingji Temple

Image via Google

Located about 22 kms from Udaipur, this ancient double-storeyed temple is an architectural marvel. Very peaceful and quiet inside, the temple has a huge ‘mandap’ with unique carvings shelterd by the heavy pyramidal roof. Carved from black marble, the 50 ft high idol of four-faced Eklingji depicting the four forms of Lord Shiva is the most striking feature of the temple.

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

Image Courtesy : Chittorgarh Tourism

Situated near Padmini’s Palace of the Chittorgarh Fort, this temple is worth visiting atleast once for remarkable carvings of Lord Shiva and other deities on the walls of the temple. On the day of Maha Shivratri, you’re sure to find a great crowd here.

Manihara Mahadev Temple

Image via Google

This 600 years old temple is nestled in peaceful surrounding at around 3 kms from the main town of Baran. The temple is surrounded by various ponds and green trees. For an annual Shivratri celebration, a fair is also held here.


Someshwar Mahadev Temple


Image via Google

The architecture of this beautiful temple is nothing short of exquisite. Located in Bhangarh at a distance of around 80 kms from Alwar district, the temple is main attraction to tourists visiting Bhangarh with spiritual bend of mind.

Let’s take part in the celebration of the marriage of the Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati and rejoice the occasion.

Happy Maha Shivratri !


All India Police equestrian meet – 2015


police horse

Four hundred horses and nearly 1000 participants from across India will exhibit their skills in the All India Police Meet, starting from 13th February at #Rajasthan Police Academy (RPA) grounds, #Jaipur. The event will include adventure sports like tent pegging, jumping of horses and horse riding. The stallions are all set to rock the turf in Jaipur.

Police meet

Daredevil Raaka, the horse from Uttar Pradesh, Heera from Chattisgarh police and not to forget Katrina of Rajasthan police can be seen sweating it out at the stable of the Rajasthan Police Academy (RPA) during these days. These are the many other confident horses who will be participating in the All India Police Equestrian Meet till February 20.

Governor of Rajasthan Kalyan Singh accompanied by the home minister Rajnath Singh will inaugurate the function.

All the people of Jaipur are invited by the Governor of Rajasthan to come and witness the racing, equestrian games, and show jumping.

Heritage Ghazal Festival in Jaipur


heritage ghazal

A Heritage Ghazal Festival is planned to entertain the ghazal enthusiasts in the Pink City of Jaipur.

The ghaza festival is organized to commemorate 74th birth anniversary of the iconic Ghazal legend, Jagjit Singh. It is scheduled for Tuesday, the 17th February at Birla Auditorium, #Jaipur.

The musical evening will also showcase some of the bright talents from around the world.

You can book your seats at

Shekhawati Festival