Udaipur to have Rajasthan’s first all birds park



Udaipur’s zoo at Gulab Bagh will soon have a new identity. It will be famous as Rajasthan’s first bird park with a variety of local and scheduled species.

With the shifting of all animals to the newly constructed Sajjangarh biological park within a month, the Gulab Bagh zoo, which had been one of the main tourist spots of the city, would be converted into a dwelling place exclusively for the avian species. The construction work for a bird zoo spread across 51,135.47 sq meters may take off from the coming financial year.

Since the Gulab Bagh is a heritage building, made in 1862, the idea was conceived to turn the place into a bird park. More than 50 varieties of scheduled and local birds are expected to be seen here.  It is also worth mentioning that in December, authorities from tourism and forest department and nature enthusiasts had agreed upon an “Udaipur Declaration on Birds” to protect and conserve the avian species of South Rajasthan from threats. The participants recommended various measures to reduce human-wildlife conflict and promotion of regulated wildlife centric eco-tourism activities. Check on fishing activities and 50% area of wetlands be kept free of any commercial activity like boating, recreation had been then suggested.



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