The Holi we played in Jaipur


Followed by the holika dahan on the previous day,  Dhulandi Festival was celebrated at the Khasa Kothi in Jaipur on March 06, 2015. The event which was organized by the Department of Tourism, welcomed tourists from various countries.  The guests enjoyed splashing colors on each other and danced on the Rajasthani songs played by local artists and performers.

The guests received a traditional welcome by the hosts and immediately indulged in the lively festivities of colors! Holi in Jaipur 3 Holi in Jaipur 4

Some Rajasthani music and dance performers were specially invited to entertain the guests.Holi in Jaipur 5 Holi in Jaipur 6 Holi in Jaipur 7

Dancing and mingling with local guests and hosts, foreign guests enjoyed the festival of holi with great fervor and enthusiasm.Holi in Jaipur IMG_3468


After the Holi revelry the foreign tourists were also taken around for the city tour to witness the festivities.


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