Coffee Table Book: ‘Soul of Rajasthan’ – Second Edition To Be Launched By Pathfynder


“The book Soul of Rajasthan took me on a fanciful journey of Rajasthan that made me crave for a visit to the colourful and vibrant state Rajasthan!” said one of our first few readers  after having a close review of the book Soul Of Rajasthan.


cover crop

After the roaring success of the first edition of ‘Soul of Rajasthan’, the leading branding and marketing firm, Pathfynder announces the launch of Soul of Rajasthan – Second Edition.

The second edition of Soul Of Rajasthan is a more beautiful journey that takes you through different faces of Rajasthan. With the addition of new chapters like – Turban Tales, the new edition has become more intriguing, while the  heritage, cuisines, festivals, forts & palaces, pilgrimage and other main attractions maintain that gripping effect of the book.


The launch event of the book is being held at Mool Foundation on 21st & 22nd March’15 from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. This book is a beautiful journey that takes you through different faces of Rajasthan. The free reading sessions will take on the beautiful journey of Rajasthan through different chapters.

The book comprises 144 pages, 143 photographs out of which 117 photographs have been clicked by Gaurav Hajela, the Founder of Pathfynder and a renowned photographer who has been awarded in various photography competitions.


The launch event will see the glitterati of Jaipur from various fields like art, photography, marketing, social media, etc. The book ‘Soul of Rajasthan’ has a strong presence on social media platforms viz. Facebook, Instagram along with its own website.

Pathfynder cordially invites you all for the coverage of Launch of Soul of Rajasthan – Second Edition at Mool Foundation, Jaipur on 21st-22nd March from 10 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.


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