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The Paradise Of Breeze – HAWA MAHAL


Jaipur Beat

hawa-mahal-1 (1)

Extend all your senses and hark my utterance
by the end,
you will come to know about my occurrence

Existing since 1799
216 years, yet I am in line

hawamahal B&W

I embrace the Pink heart
and embellish few times,

Dignified by ‘Maharaja Sawai Pratap’
delineated by ‘Lal Chand Ustad’ and Shines

My castle’s structure is akin to Lord Krishna’s crown,
my skin is actually red and pink but some think it’s brown

hawamahal brown

The cool wind blows and the royal women could observe the festivals through my ‘Jharokas’ without being seen,
that is the reason why I came into existence and gleam

I am emblematic of the Pink-city
yet enigmatic,
many come here some are genuine while some are dramatic 

My fragrance is immanent,
I dwell in the town having loads of ornament

hawamahal colors

Witnessed the city change and bustling crowd,
because of that my dignity and whoever lives in the city feels proud

They call me “THE PARADISE…

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Jaipur Literature Festival off to London for 2 days!


Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 4.37.56 pm

The Jaipur Literature Festival has recently gained its place in the global literary calendar as the world largest free literature festival. After gaining appreciable appraisal at the global level ‘JLF (Jaipur Literature Festival)’ this time reaches to Southbank in London for the resplendently second time. This is the time when the London is deep drowned into the colors of Rajasthan.



Image credit: Pic via Twitter
Exhibiting South Asia’s multilingual literary heritage. JLF’ 15 held for two days along with “Alchemy”, South Bank Centre’s festival of South Asian culture.
JLF began in 2006 and now it is one of the world’s biggest literature festival. Along with the debate sessions, lectures of the award winning writers and famous personalities, it’s also featuring attractive music sessions, interactive workshops and many more.
Sawai Madhopur MLA, Princess Diya Kumari represented the Chief Minister of Rajasthan and inaugurated the second edition of the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) at the Southbank Centre in London on late evening Saturday.jlf2

Jewellery – A Trademark Of Rajasthan


Jewellery in Rajasthan plays a pivotal role, both in men and women. The royal, colorful and symbolic jewellery of Rajasthan is famous all around the world. The Rajasthani jewellery takes its place in its unique and outstanding attire and clothing itself, portraying the old customs and the traditional wear of Rajasthanis. Therefore, every area of Rajasthan has its own unique style and specialty in jewellery.

One can find jewellery for all parts of the body like ‘nath’ or nose-ring for nose; a ‘taqri’ or gridle for the waist; bracelets (commonly known as ‘kadas’); ‘bajuband’ for arms; ‘rakhri’ or ‘bor’ for forehead and the list is never ending. Not only for women, but there is variety of jewellery for men as well. Men have a special piece of jewellery called ‘sarpech’ in local language which is put on the turbans in Rajasthan. There are earrings and neck pieces for men which are worn by tribal people on daily basis and occasionally by some royalties.



Rajasthan is widely known for its best silver jewellery. It is more popular due to its low cost and easy affordability. Silver is not only used in jewellery but also you can find silver boxes, glasses, dinner sets, pen, mirrors, etc. Along with silver, pearls, sapphires, diamonds, ruby and emeralds are also widely used in Rajasthani jewellery. Some designs are portrayed using variety of motifs.



As religion and jewellery go hand in hand in Rajasthan, similarly lac bangles are considered very auspicious in Hindu religion and thus worn by women on all religious ceremonies and occasions.Therefore it is also known as “common man’s gold”. The process of making lac ornaments is very interesting as the shades of colors. One can get a variety of lac bangles – different shades or plain, embedded with glass pieces or precious stones.

Lac Bangles


In olden days, ivory ornaments were very common and were sold in large number. As ivory was said to be representing Lord Ganesha, The government strictly restricted the use of ivory in making jewellery and other materials but you can definitely see an old women adorning ivory jewellery.

Jewellery - Ivory bangles


Kundan – meena is a exquisite, colorful type of jewellery which has its origin and have been nurtured in the long run from Rajasthan. Colorful uncut stones especially red colored stones are used with 24 carat gold to elaborate beautiful patterns in this type of jewellery. It is an artistic craft which requires a lot of patience to construct a fine piece of jewellery and is supposedly very expensive and thus preferred only by the royalties.


6 Relaxing Sojourns of Rajasthan This Summer 


Originally a house to the royalties, are now one of the best heritage hotels of Rajasthan. Everyone has a fantasy to spend a day in the splendor and grandeur of these hotels and experience that royal treatment of a chauffeur opening the door of your car and keeping it safe, a person well dressed in a turban serve you, a royal and extravagant 3 course meal always at a click and so on. Staying in one of these magnificent palace hotels indeed gives you the highlight to a wonderful trip and experience the real ethnic culture and traditional heritage of that place.

1. Ajit Bhawan, Jodhpur

Ajit Bhawan is situated in the heart of Jodhpur, which allows easy accessibility to this ‘blue city’. The ancestral property of the Jodhpur royal family,  now turned into a royal heritage hotel which shares its perfect legacy by providing personalized hospitality and ensuring all the facilities that make you a royal guest. Along with the royal treatment, it also provides with various recreational facilities like open swimming pool, gym and a spa which gives Ayurvedic treatments and therapies to relax in this royal stay. The perfect ambiance gives the old world its modern comforts and reminds the guests of the old world charm. What make this place great are some details and some little surprises supplemented with that rustic look.

Ajit Bhawan

2. Devigarh, Delwara

An 18th century 7 storey palace in Delwara is a luxurious and sophisticated retreat which has come up with all the local and traditional works and materials. Reopened after years of restoration, Lebua- a hotel chain, has given Devigarh a splendid look with the confluence between the old and the new not forgetting the specialties of the bygone era. Devigarh has received various awards and is considered one of the best designed hotels in the world and on the subcontinent.

Image credit :

3. Ananta Spa and Resort, Pushkar

It is situated in one of the oldest existing cities of India – Pushkar. Laying in the periphery of the temple of Lord Brahma- the creator of the world, one definitely experiences tranquility and serenity around them at The Ananta Spa and Resort. The calm ambience of this 62 luxuriant guestroom is sure to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul and replenish all your senses.

ananta spa and resort, Pushkar

Image credit :

4. Fairmont, Jaipur

Surrounded with the oldest mountain range-Aravallis, is located in the quiet suburbs, away from the hustle bustle of the city life. This luxury hotel is a blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architectures, reflected through the traditional décor with modern facilities of swimming pool, spa, convention hall, etc.

Fairmont Jaipur

5. The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur

Situated in the city of lakes with the backdrop of the Aravallis lies, today’s one of the largest and finest hotels in India. Lake Pichola adorns this majestic hotel which gives a spectacular and magnificent look to this ‘city of lakes’. Having some specific characteristics of grand courtyards, flourishing green gardens, mirrored and decorative domes and large pavilions makes it a perfect romantic place.

Oberoi Udaivilas

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6. Neemrana Fort

A place where people usually decide to go just hip-hopping from one place to another is this Neemrana Fort; a 15th century heritage resort which is inbuilt with beauty and treasures of history. It is a unique resort located near the capital- Delhi. The moment you enter, I’m sure you’ll remain awestruck by the huge foyer, thick wooden doors, antique walls (which have that old paintings and are not in any effort to rebuild or get renovated) and the royal jhulas’. This grand resort along with well equipped accommodation offers a calm ambience and some great adventure sports like zip lining. It has some well equipped facilities of an open air theatre, spa, open swimming pool and the journey still remains as unfinished after visiting here.

neemrana fort

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A break from the smoldering summer blaze during Mount Abu Summer Festival!


The infamous Indian summer is turning up the heat, making it the perfect time of year to head to the hills!

Mount Abu is a beautiful hill station in Rajasthan. The tourists and the native’s alike head here to take a break from the smoldering summer blaze. Mount Abu is probably one of the few places in the state of Rajasthan that endowed with lush foliage and a variety of flora and fauna. Besides being a summer getaway, every year ‘SUMMER FESTIVAL’ is celebrated in this mystifying and beautiful city, which is also known by names such as “Hill Of Wisdom”,Saint’s Pinnacle” and “Olympus Of Rajasthan“.

Mount Abu Festival

Though the place can be visited at any given time of the year, but Summer or Winter Festival of Mount Abu has its own fascination.

Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan, hosts the annual Summer Festival commencing from the day of Buddha Poornima. This year the 2 day festival starts from today that is 3rd and 4th of May, 2015

How to Reach:

Udaipur (185km) is the nearest airport while Mount Abu railway station is about 28 km from the city. Regular trains connect Mount Abu with cities such as Ahmadabad and Jaipur. Taxis, jeeps and excellent bus services connect the mountainous town with the rest of the state and cities in Gujarat.
The gorgeous setting of Mt. Abu with its rocky hills and placid lakes forms an apt venue for this exuberant show. In addition to the various performances, many competitions are also being held like Mataka Race, Tug of War Horse, Race,  tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of this hill station with its pleasant climate.

Refresh yourself in the tranquil surroundings of Nakki Lake and enjoy the summer festival a lovely harmony of color and rhythm in scenic environs.