Jewellery – A Trademark Of Rajasthan


Jewellery in Rajasthan plays a pivotal role, both in men and women. The royal, colorful and symbolic jewellery of Rajasthan is famous all around the world. The Rajasthani jewellery takes its place in its unique and outstanding attire and clothing itself, portraying the old customs and the traditional wear of Rajasthanis. Therefore, every area of Rajasthan has its own unique style and specialty in jewellery.

One can find jewellery for all parts of the body like ‘nath’ or nose-ring for nose; a ‘taqri’ or gridle for the waist; bracelets (commonly known as ‘kadas’); ‘bajuband’ for arms; ‘rakhri’ or ‘bor’ for forehead and the list is never ending. Not only for women, but there is variety of jewellery for men as well. Men have a special piece of jewellery called ‘sarpech’ in local language which is put on the turbans in Rajasthan. There are earrings and neck pieces for men which are worn by tribal people on daily basis and occasionally by some royalties.



Rajasthan is widely known for its best silver jewellery. It is more popular due to its low cost and easy affordability. Silver is not only used in jewellery but also you can find silver boxes, glasses, dinner sets, pen, mirrors, etc. Along with silver, pearls, sapphires, diamonds, ruby and emeralds are also widely used in Rajasthani jewellery. Some designs are portrayed using variety of motifs.



As religion and jewellery go hand in hand in Rajasthan, similarly lac bangles are considered very auspicious in Hindu religion and thus worn by women on all religious ceremonies and occasions.Therefore it is also known as “common man’s gold”. The process of making lac ornaments is very interesting as the shades of colors. One can get a variety of lac bangles – different shades or plain, embedded with glass pieces or precious stones.

Lac Bangles


In olden days, ivory ornaments were very common and were sold in large number. As ivory was said to be representing Lord Ganesha, The government strictly restricted the use of ivory in making jewellery and other materials but you can definitely see an old women adorning ivory jewellery.

Jewellery - Ivory bangles


Kundan – meena is a exquisite, colorful type of jewellery which has its origin and have been nurtured in the long run from Rajasthan. Colorful uncut stones especially red colored stones are used with 24 carat gold to elaborate beautiful patterns in this type of jewellery. It is an artistic craft which requires a lot of patience to construct a fine piece of jewellery and is supposedly very expensive and thus preferred only by the royalties.



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