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Fortresses and Hawelis exempted from fees


Another shot in the arm to promotion of rural tourism in Rajasthan. The Government by amending its provisions has exempted change of land use fees for the concerned person establishing Hotel, Malls, Heritage Hotels or any other tourist unit in villages. The Modus Operandi for the same is that, on applying with a designated officer of Panchayti Raj Department, the application for change in land use is to be formally replied in 45 days otherwise it will treated as approved. The applicant has to establish the existence of the property in question ,

The Settlement land under the aegis of a Panchayat will be earmarked by the district collector and a Land Bank will be established, to be allotted by auction to the person wishing to establish a tourist unit.

Required amendments to the law have been approved by Law Department and will be in force, once they are notified in the Gazette.  Such Land Banks will be created in all 9900 panchayats and its details will be uploaded on the websites of   concerned Collectorate, Jila Parishad, Panchayti Raj and Tourism Department. The land will be allotted on DLC rates and auction to a particular land will be held when there will be more than one  applicant for the same site.

Tourism in Rajasthan

However a rider has been attached to such allotment that the Land size has been fixed for different categories of Hotels such as a three star hotel can be operated only on a piece of land ad measuring 1200-4000 square meters, a four star property shall have at least 12000 square meters of land at its disposal. Likewise, a five star or a higher class property needs to have 18000-40000 square meters of land. The time frame stipulated for starting  a 200 rooms hotel is 3 years and for a hotel above this capacity will be given 4 years period. An additional one year will be granted after  leveling a penalty of ½% of allotment amount and at the end of this grace period, the allotment  shall stand cancelled.

There is news of relief for the fortresses  and Hawelis already converted into heritage hotels that they will not have to pay any fees for obtaining commercial title subject to fulfillment of certain conditions.



Raj Tourism soon on social media


The impact of Social Media is catching upon almost all age and social groups of the society. A campaign on Social Media sites has become a necessity to promote any product , service  or cause. Likewise, Tourism Department, Rajasthan with the assistance of Social Media experts is to embark on a project to launch a promotional campaign on social media circuit. Though Tourism Departments of Gujarat and Maharashtra are already in the fray, but the campaign of Rajasthan will be distinctive due to active participation of Private sector.

The campaign initially will focus on imparting information on must see places in popular tourist cities such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Udaipur which will be uploaded on premier social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google plus etc.  All hotels and Restaurants of the city along with uploading their details will promote these destinations.

Generally a tourist before venturing for an excursion will make a search on internet , but a trend to gather information from these social media sites is fast gaining popularity and the tourism department is gearing up to cash on this trend.Rajasthan-Tour-The-Land-Of-Kings copy

Some Offbeat Tourist Spots Of Rajasthan


The tourist circuit of Rajasthan has large number of destinations where tourists throng in huge numbers but a few of them, though, are slowly creeping on the circuit’s horizon still are not on the radar of an average tourist. A visit to these rarely frequented places will give a deep insight to state’s culture in contrast to the stereotyped presentation which regular tourist spots provide.  Not visited by horde of average tourists, such places are less crowded and chaotic with an added bonus of enjoying the luxury of the leisure of top class hospitality too.  All one has to expand his look beyond the more famous destination and he or she can get true rustic feeling of palaces, forts, camels’ et al for which Rajasthan is famous for.

A few of them are listed for your patronage:

1. Barmer


Nestled in The Great Thar Desert, Barmer though does not has any monument worth naming but a traveller will engross into richness of colour, cosiness of local unspoilt  love for traditions which  is the USP of Barmer. An adventure loving tourist can experience the rugged environs of barren land in long stretches, ruthless weather, difficult terrain, but, beauty of wood carvings, carpets, elaborate embroidery crafted by local craftsmen can work as reprieve. Barmer festival is organised in the month of March which makes it ideal period to visit Barmer.

2. Banswada



A true picture of how Rajasthan and its people are can be seen in Banswada, a district in southern part of Rajasthan. Its nomenclature originates from grooves of Bamboo surrounding it. A tribal habitat dominated by Bhils does boast of some ancient monuments in its kitty. A representative specimen of Rajput architecture, City Palace, Anand Sagar Lake an artificial lake, Madareshwar, a grand Shiva temple and ruins of the old city surrounded by Stone wall and a majestic palace of former rulers.

3. Rawla Narlai


Before moving to other parts of Rajasthan, one can culminate the trip to this part by visiting Rawla Narlai. Wish to relish the feeling of how graciously and splendidly the rulers of princely states lived do include this spot in your itinerary. The virginity of the place lies in 17th. Century fortress lying beneath a 350 ft. Rock which though converted into a heritage hotel retains its original heritage with huge courtyards, gardens, balconies, porches etc. along with food cooked and served in regal style extend to the reminisces of yore. A perfect place to rejuvenate oneself among hillocks and temples oozing with natural beauty.


4. Kuchaman


Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, though offers a lot to tourists has not gained much prominence and  an apt example is Kuchaman, a town founded in `1781 AD by Thakur Zalim Singh has a nice looking Fort which gives a feeling of standstill time effect with wide collection of inlaid semi-precious stones, glass and gold paint. Stay at fort gives an opportunity to watch blue sky with all its radiance in contrast to the cities where it is stolen due to pollution in environment. The palace of Glass or Sheeshmahal still brims in all its glory. The ideal season to visit Kuchaman is during winters when you can time it with Camel Fair held at Pushkar hardly 100 kms. away.

5. Mahansar


Another Shekhawati town established in 1768 is about 40 kms. away from Jhunjhunu  displays astonishing collection of elaborated artwork and paintings. A   stand out attraction being Sone chand ki dukan a 18th Century Haweli where images of Ramayana and the life of Krishna are displayed on three tier ceilings and walls showcasing outstanding painting involving complicated golden leaves. Many more hawelis of Mahansar add to its attraction besides Raghunath Temple and big Halls.


Enjoy Ghoomar at Hawa Mahal


In an endeavor to provide more insight into Rajasthani culture and heritage the State Archaeology and Museum Department is to initiate an interactive programme for tourists visiting Jaipur where then can be a part of the troupe performing traditional Rajasthani Dances such as Ghoomar, Ghavai and Bhavai.


The icon of Jaipur, Hawa Mahal will play host to this event in which around 25 participants performing for 1 hour between 7 A.M. to 8 A.M. A puppet show a hit with foreign tourists will form a part of this show too.

hawa-mahal-1 (1)


The tourists of foreign origin wishing to participate will have to shell out a fee of Rs. 100 per person while Indian tourist shall have to pay Rs. 50 each. The fee for recording the programme with a camera will be Rs100 common for both categories of tourists

A New Temple Town In Rajasthan – Pushkar


Pushkar is the epitome of pilgrim centers not only in the country but also in the world. It houses the world famous temple of Lord Brahma, along with another dozen temples of historical significance. People visit this oldest city from all over the world especially for Pushkar Fair and to cleanse all the sins of the past by immersing in the holy waters of this Buda Pushkar Sarovar. It acts like a magnet, as it attracts a number of tourists from around the world.

Tourist copy

Pilgrims copy



This holy town is now declared to be the developed as the temple city of Rajasthan due to its great religious significance, especially among the Hindus. The hustle-bustle of this town can only be seen in a single street where one can hear the enchanting of prayers, couplets and offering to the several deities.

Brahma Temple copy

As Pushkar is getting its makeover to become the new temple city so are the other temples of different other towns. Every town has a religious place which is close to the hearts of the inmates of that area and will be developed soon into a temple town. Some of those include the temple of Tejaji and Mirabai in Nagaur and in Hanumangarh – the Gogamedi temple.

Pushkar Lake

Direct Flights to USA and Europe from Jaipur Soon!


By the time the Jaipurites will recover from the hangover effect of Jaipur Metro they will have another

reason to celebrate of boarding a direct flight to US of America and major European cities by the end of

next month.

jaipur airport

Jaipur International Airport which has entered the last stage of its Renovation process will witness taking

off and landing of Airbus 340, Jumbo Jet 747 etc arriving from Singapore, Hong Kong , America and

Germany and taking off for a direct flight to these and many more countries. Presently flights for

Arabian countries are being operated from the airport.


Once the renovation process is complete the length of runway will stretch to 11500 feet instead of

present length of 9200 feet thus enabling operation of large aircrafts from the airport. The airport will

be Wi-Fi enabled by October end.

Jaipur Airport Soon To Be A New Art Destination!


A brand new feature is coming up at the Jaipur International Airport, which will satiate the love of art lovers visiting the place and provide a gateway for the artists to showcase their talent to domestic and foreign travelers.

Image Via Google

Image Via Google

The Tourism and culture and the Aviation department of central government which incidentally is headed by same minister has collaborated to promote contemporary and traditional art in all forms through the Airport Authority of India’s 125 airports throughout the country among which Jaipur International Airport is on high priority in this regard. The upcoming art gallery will be a part of the beautification aspect of the ongoing up gradation of the airport campus. The Art and culture of Rajasthan will find prominence in the proposed art gallery. Statues of Maharana Pratap and other Indian warriors will also be displayed.

Image Via Google

Image Via Google

City’s amateur and budding artists will find a new platform to showcase their talent. The artists whose art objects will be on display will be provided with an opportunity to sell their products. 10% of the proceeds will go to AAI as a token money. Only those artefacts which are in line with Indian social and cultural norms will find a place in the gallery.

So art lovers and artisans gear up your selves to visit a new art destination very soon.

All You Get To Know About Jaipur Metro!


Metro 1

The metro service in the pink city was flagged off by Chief Minister of Rajasthan Mrs. Vasundhra Raje today on Wednesday 3rd. June 3, 2015 at 11.00 A.M. from Mansarovar metro station.

The pink city has now joined the league of India cities which includes Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata, having metro connectivity.

The first train for the day will leave the Mansarovar station on 6:45 A.M. and Chandpole station at 7.00 A.M. every day. The operation of the train for the day will terminate at 21:00 hrs i.e. 9 P.M. in the evening. The train will operate at the frequency of 10-15 minutes and the total trains per day from Mansarovar to Chandpole will be 66 and 65 trains will operate from the opposite end.

The train run on Sundays will be reduced to 58 and 57 respectively owing to anticipation for low traffic.

The entire route is 9.63 km long out of which just 0.50 Kmsis underground  and the rest iselevated track with a unique feature ofdouble-decker segment whereinmetro track will run on top tier which gives a panoramic view of rapidly growing modern Jaipur, while BRTS corridor and vehicular traffic will run onfirst tier. It will halt at 9 stations during its run. Fare for the 9-km metro stretch will be in three slabs of Rs 5, Rs 10 and Rs 15.

The tourist cards for unlimited trips are priced at Rs. 50 for one day and Rs. 150 for 3 days. It is speedier and comfortable in comparison to Delhi Metro, a public address system akin to air service, compact CCTV security, and information about the destination station on LCD, automatic operating system are few of the salient features this train possesses.

Jaipur Metro

Jaipur Metro

Apart from this Work on the 2.3-km underground stretch is currently in full swing. Once completed, the metro will reach Badi Chaupar, right outside the popular Hawa Mahal in the walled city.

BAdi Chaupar

Badi Chaupar

Metro has transformed Jaipur from a heritage city, studded with archtectural marvels into a world class smarter city.

Get ready for goose bumps with adventure activities in Rajasthan!


Alluring for romantic daydreamers and action-packed for adventure enthusiasts, Rajasthan now offers different adventurous experiences.  There are various heritage attractions that steal the visitor’s heart for their stunning architecture but now there are more things to do in Rajasthan, that gives your soul a sojourn from the bustling lifestyle and where lies an experience that can make your adrenaline rush.

Under the brand name of ‘Tao Experiences’ travelers of Rajasthan will now have one of its kind center for adventure, entertainment and leisure at Kukas near capital Jaipur.

With experience and fun at its core ‘Tao Experiences’ will be an ideal centre for family holidays, friends’ outing, vacations, corporate off-sites and whoever fancies to try something new.

‘There is nothing like being on the wheels while experiencingATV ride’

Adventure activities in Rajasthan

Adventure activities in Rajasthan

Adventure activities in Rajasthan

Adventure activities in Rajasthan

Spread over 5.5 Lakh Sq.Ft. in a stepped topography the centre offers over 30 different adventure, sports and recreational activities for all ages. These include adventure sports like Zip line, Paintball, Quad Biking and Zorbing. The entertainment segment includes activities like Gaming, Movie Screenings, Jamming, Karaoke among others. Also the cricket lovers will have a choice between cricket bowling machine and bowling by a robot. The cricket arena is spread over 21,000 Sq. Feet. One could also choose from Nitro Cars, Archery, Mini Golf, Futsal and Bubble Soccer.

‘Cover yourself in a see through, inflatable ball and watch the world rolling! Zorbing is an adventure activity  that makes your adrenaline rush.’

Tao Experiences is a 365 day destination with flavours of each season in it. Having day and night operational capabilities the centre will remain open till 10 pm at night.

‘Tao Experiences’ offers a fully pleasant and entertaining experience. So ,get set & go to flush the stress out of you!!