Raj Tourism soon on social media


The impact of Social Media is catching upon almost all age and social groups of the society. A campaign on Social Media sites has become a necessity to promote any product , service  or cause. Likewise, Tourism Department, Rajasthan with the assistance of Social Media experts is to embark on a project to launch a promotional campaign on social media circuit. Though Tourism Departments of Gujarat and Maharashtra are already in the fray, but the campaign of Rajasthan will be distinctive due to active participation of Private sector.

The campaign initially will focus on imparting information on must see places in popular tourist cities such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Udaipur which will be uploaded on premier social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google plus etc.  All hotels and Restaurants of the city along with uploading their details will promote these destinations.

Generally a tourist before venturing for an excursion will make a search on internet , but a trend to gather information from these social media sites is fast gaining popularity and the tourism department is gearing up to cash on this trend.Rajasthan-Tour-The-Land-Of-Kings copy

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