Fortresses and Hawelis exempted from fees


Another shot in the arm to promotion of rural tourism in Rajasthan. The Government by amending its provisions has exempted change of land use fees for the concerned person establishing Hotel, Malls, Heritage Hotels or any other tourist unit in villages. The Modus Operandi for the same is that, on applying with a designated officer of Panchayti Raj Department, the application for change in land use is to be formally replied in 45 days otherwise it will treated as approved. The applicant has to establish the existence of the property in question ,

The Settlement land under the aegis of a Panchayat will be earmarked by the district collector and a Land Bank will be established, to be allotted by auction to the person wishing to establish a tourist unit.

Required amendments to the law have been approved by Law Department and will be in force, once they are notified in the Gazette.  Such Land Banks will be created in all 9900 panchayats and its details will be uploaded on the websites of   concerned Collectorate, Jila Parishad, Panchayti Raj and Tourism Department. The land will be allotted on DLC rates and auction to a particular land will be held when there will be more than one  applicant for the same site.

Tourism in Rajasthan

However a rider has been attached to such allotment that the Land size has been fixed for different categories of Hotels such as a three star hotel can be operated only on a piece of land ad measuring 1200-4000 square meters, a four star property shall have at least 12000 square meters of land at its disposal. Likewise, a five star or a higher class property needs to have 18000-40000 square meters of land. The time frame stipulated for starting  a 200 rooms hotel is 3 years and for a hotel above this capacity will be given 4 years period. An additional one year will be granted after  leveling a penalty of ½% of allotment amount and at the end of this grace period, the allotment  shall stand cancelled.

There is news of relief for the fortresses  and Hawelis already converted into heritage hotels that they will not have to pay any fees for obtaining commercial title subject to fulfillment of certain conditions.




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