Restoration of Cenotaphs- Revival of legacy


The practice to build cenotaphs during medieval period is an example of Mughal influence.  Major royal families in Rajasthan in an effort to preserve the memory of their deceased ancestors constructed Cenotaphs complex in their respective city. With the passage of time such complexes lost their importance and the royal visits became lesser and these complex lost their sheen and importance.  As they were related to last rites of life, Cenotaphs never gained prominence with visiting tourists though the carvings and art work were magnificent.

cenotaph complex

The Royal family of Udaipur which has been a pioneer in restoration of heritage, under the aegis of Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation has initially undertaken the task of restoration of 2 Cenotaphs erected in the memory of Rana Amar Singh I and Rana Sangram Singh I situated in Royal Cenotaph complex, on the banks of River Ahar, 5 km. away from City palace. With the restoration of these Cenotaph, a new tourist spot will emerge in the city although the complex already has a 10th. Century Shiva temple and few step wells.

step wells

Dubbed as future tourist spot, this complex will be an example for future guideline for young conservationists.




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