Mandawa: Tourist pride or Film maker’s fad


Rajasthan has always caught the fancy of Film and Documentary makers across the globe. It has been proud participant to many Hollywood and Bollywood flicks who have scouted and exploited abundant scenic and shooting friendly destinations in Rajasthan. They have either shot major part or have some sequences shot at different spots, especially when they are related to showcase rustic and heritage look of India.

village II

Can one imagine the similarity between latest Bollywood blockbuster ‘ Bajrangi Bhaijan’ and older hits like ‘Paheli’,  ‘Jab we Met’, P.K. have in common, they have many scenes which have been shot in a discreet town of the state, ‘Mandawa’.


Apart from picturesque locations in  major cities of the state, film makers to display near semblance to small town or village of India prefer ‘Mandawa’ a small town located 270 kms. from National Capital.

Mandawa II




Mandawa town has retained its rural flavour, appealing ambience, havelis restored in original form. The mind blowing puzzling bye lanes are an added attraction for the film makers. The simplicity of locals also add to the unique character of the town.





The town provides many dimensions for the film makers with varied types of locations to suit the script. Here they can create a scene of prison or can show an international border with the help of vast fields and uneven shoots of grass. Dunes of sand all over can also give an additional option to them.

Semi desert near Parsurampura in Sekhawati


Though the town has lately caught the fancy of Bollywood film makers, Mandawa has for a long time had been favourite destination in the itinerary of foreign tourists thronging to Shekhawati region of the State to savour the beauty of frescos art on walls and ceilings of Shekhawati Havelis and revel in the peaceful and calm environs of the town which still is not spoiled by the radical commercialization which the world is experiencing.


Mandawa has effectively set an example for other such town in the area or other parts of the country that tourism can be nurtured without compromising the original essence and beauty of the place.






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  1. Hi,
    It’s always been a great pleasure to read your posts. Visiting Rajasthan is always about exploring beautiful architectures and I just love the way you capture that beauty into your photos. I think I should hop on to an exquisite trip. Your posts never turn out to be a disappointment! Thanks Diana.

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