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Albert Hall Museum now opens for Night Tourism



albert hall night

Centrally located in the midst of lush Ram Niwas Gardens of Jaipur, Albert Hall Museum is a treat to eyes for the passersby as well as those visiting the museum interior. The an assortment of rare articles, real war weapons, paintings, magnificent carpet and the Egyptian mummy during the day time offer a mesmerizing experience to the museum visitors. Time to rejoice that the central museum will now be open for Night Tourism on the line of Amer Fort and City Palace!

Watching the museum articles, especially the Egyptian mummy would be an exciting and thrilling experience for the visitors of Albert Hall Museum. The Museum that regularly shuts down by 04.30 pm will now remain open for the extended time i.e. 07.00 – 10.00 pm after a small break in between.

For the night tourism, the exterior, passages and corridors have been illuminated with glorious colourful lights.

The introductory ticket price for the same would be Rs 100 for both domestic as well as foreign tourist. Now enjoy the magnificence of Rajasthan’s oldest museum in new glory amid the lush gardens under starry sky of night.


Jaisalmer, now owns War Museum


To commemorate the heroic battle fought and recount the chilling moments of valor and bravery of the gallant soldiers of the Indian armed forces, the Indian Army has set up a historical war museum in Jaisalmer.

facto6 copy

Inaugurated on 24 August by Lieutenant General Ashok Singh, General Officer Commanding in Chief, Southern Command, this unique war museum is surely a ‘must visit destination’ for all Indian and foreigner tourists coming to Jaisalmer. This War Museum’ is a tribute to all gallant soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice to defend the motherland.

 large number of captured war trophies and own vintage equipment on display

large number of captured war trophies and own vintage equipment on display

The War Museum is located 10 km from Jaisalmer on the Jaisalmer-Jodhpur Highway in the military station.

The Indian Air Force has presented a Hunter aircraft for the museum, which was used during the Battle for Laungewala in 1971 Indo-Pak War.

The Indian Air Force has presented a Hunter aircraft for the museum, which was used during the Battle for Laungewala in 1971 Indo-Pak War.

The memorial also has a state of art audio visual theatre for screening the movies on the Battle of Laungewala.

The memorial is open seven days a week and the entry is free for visitors.

10 best Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan


Rajasthan, a major tourism center of the country has many offerings in its kitty for the visiting tourists. People of Rajasthan are globally known for their hospitality spirit. This spirit is reflected in a local phrase as ‘Padharo Mhare Des’ which means ‘Welcome to my land’ The enthusiasm and courtesy with which they welcome   the tourist compel the visitors to frequent the state.

padharo mahare desh


Every heritage hotel in Rajasthan has a distinctive history. The furniture, furnishings, even the photographs and paintings on the walls reminds you about the gracious days of Rajasthan. For a supreme and fascinating experience, visit to the finest Heritage Hotels of Rajasthan is must.

Ajit Bhawan

Ajit Bhawan- India’s First Heritage Hotel is for those who fancy Rajasthan as a perfect base to taste supreme luxuries of the gorgeous era. Rooms at Ajit Bhawan are exquisitely furnished, with luxurious bed, royal furnishing, rendering some soothing moments to the guests.  Take an exhilarating drive through the enchanting city of Jodhpur in a classic vintage car accompanied by your royal butler.

Ajit Bhawan

Ajit Bhawan



Ram Bagh Palace:

From the home of the queen’s, to royal guesthouse and hunting lodge, and subsequently as the residence of the Maharaja, Ram Bagh Palace has stepped graciously through many royal shifts. In 1972, Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces took the charge to carry on the royal tradition of the luxurious Rambagh Palace. For an unforgettable palace experience in posh luxury Ram Bagh Palace situated in the Pink City of Jaipur will leave really good memories in to your mind to cherish beyond time.

Ram bagh Palace


Samode Palace:

This 475 year old palace is a celebration of luxury and royalty. The tough exterior with delicate interior is certainly a rare combination.  The sensitively restored Samode Palace is one of the finest gems in the bejewelled crown of Rajasthan’s royal abodes. A marvelous, fascinating destination for dreams, romance and love.

Samode Palace

Samode Palace


Taj Lake Palace:

Nestled in Pichola Lake in the city of Udaipur, Taj Lake Palace seems as white flower blooming from the water. With the Aravalli Mountains and city palaces as a backdrop one gets an impending sense of fascination. The property has been a perfect location for many Hollywood and Bollywood movies. This marvelous complex with a unique experience offers stunning views and intricate décor envelop guests in royal mystique.

Lake palace



Alsisar Mahal:

Situated in Alsisar Shekhawati, and host to an annual music Event, Magnetic Fields Festival, Alsisar Mahal the sixteenth palace is dubbed as open art gallery for the magnum opus of centuries old arts and creativity.  The regal magnificence of the Alsisar Mahal’s architecture and the splendor of its beautifully decorated interiors are just mesmerizing that allows guests to sit back and relax in an ambience which was once exclusively confined to the royal families of Rajasthan.

Alsisar Mahal.



6. Laxmi Vilas Heritage Hotel:

Bharatpur bears relics to the rich architectural splendor and cultural heritage of the ancient times. Blessed with natural scenic beauty, it draws several visitors for the captivating sight of magnificent palaces and nature’s marvels. One such marvel is – Laxmi Vilas Heritage Hotel where royalty has been preserved to the core till date.
All rooms are gracefully furnished mixed with the elements of historical romance. Tourists can discover the unremitting world of charm as the traditions of hospitality have still been kept alive at the Laxmi Vilas Palace.
Laxmi Vilas

Laxmi Vilas

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Raj Niwas Palace:

Formerly, Royal abode, Raj Niwas Palace was built in 1876 to commemorate the arrival of King Albert Edwards of England to Dholpur. The magnanimous suits at Raj Niwas Palace are masterpieces of exquisite luxury featuring spellbinding combination of Dutch interior and European antiques, making your stay truly relaxed, comfortable and cherished. Antique royal furniture charmingly enhances the Rajasthani experience and recreates a flavor of luxury living to the guests.



Shahpura House

Opulent in every way, is a splendid royal retreat to experience a unique blend of the traditional Rajputana hospitality with modern comforts., Shahpura House with the royal luxuries preserved and nurtured for years,  brings you the most magnificent experience of the lavish heritage site in the middle of the town. Tourists visiting Jaipur must plan their stay at Shahpura House.

Shahpura House

Shahpura House



Devi Garh by Lebua:

This Heritage hotel is a princely resort which as a change in theme has recreated the interior with contemporary design and material while conserving the exterior in original glory.



Deogarh Mahal

Unlike most of the heritage properties, the management of Deogarh Mahal still remains with Royal family of Deogarh which reflects in the hospitality of the palace. The origional palace was converted into a Hotel by the Deogarh family members and the part of the family stills lives there. After spending a few nights at Deogarh Palace, one’s expectations of the next place on the itinerary are likely to become impossibly high.









Amer Fort to be Closed on August 21, 2015


Due to movement of dignitaries who are attending the Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation Summit, entry to Amer Fort will be restricted on Friday, 21st. August till 1 P.M.

Those who have planned their visit to Amer during this time, now need to reschedule the same.  There will also be no Elephant ride during that day.

Amer Fort

Amer Fort

Show case for Jaipur Jewellery:JAS-2015


Jaipur since centuries has been a globally acclaimed centre for exquisite Gems & Jewellery.  Trading, manufacturing such jewellery has been a traditional business of Jaipurites. The business which was operated through small traditional offices either in the houses or located in the narrow bye lanes of the city has undergone drastic operational and conceptual changes with the turning leaf of time.


In consonance with changing trends and practices of the trade Jewellers have made a paradigm shift in their working concepts and style of functioning. They have adapted themselves to changing face of the trade. Instead of discreet style of functioning they have become more open to new ideas and concepts. It will be evident  when one will visit JAS-2015, the ninth edition of annual Jewellery show held by Jeweller’s Association of Jaipur. This annual extravaganza show cases the exquisiteness of Gems and Jewellery of Jaipur, the historical relevance this trade has in Jaipur and to provide an interactive stage for B2B and B2C meetings.


Being an annual event, the show comes up with a different theme; this year’s being ‘Time less Jewellery. The venue of the show though farther from the city at Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Center at Sitapura Industrial Area has a larger area and more stalls to its kitty. Around 500 stalls spanned over 4,500 sq. mts. have been set up incorporating all the aspects of industry ranging from diamonds, different precious and semi-precious stones, all sorts of Jewellery, jewellery tools, publications accessories, trade journals etc. The interior for the show is based on heritage of the city wherein chaupads , corridors with crenels are incorporated .

Interior of Jas

The 4 day extravaganza will have daily amusement activities at the end of day to recharge the participants ranging from fashion show, networking dinners and felicitation ceremony. Buyers and sellers from across the country and all major international jewellery centers will mingle for business and promotional activity.Fashion Show

more images

This show is Jewellers dream:  A Buyers Paradise. It is ensemble of trade related manufacturers, retailers, designers, artisans, wholesaler and buyers. The organizers have given the facility for online registrations at:



A visit to such shown can will not only wind one through the lanes of fascinating world of gemstones and jewellery but will also satiate the urge for being proud owner of such treasure.

Designs of Jewellery








Celebrating Teej


Rajasthan is mostly related to its Valor, Forts & Palaces, Gritty people, varied natural terrains, love for colors is known for its fairs and festivals too. Every festival celebrated in Rajasthan accompanies a fair or with a procession of the deity whose festival is being celebrated. The joyous nature of people of Rajasthan and the determination to celebrate even if odds are against have given way to many folk festivals along with the ones which are celebrated throughout the country.


Every region in Rajasthan has distinct folk festival.  In Jaipur, a yearly feature ‘Teej’ is celebrated during the rainy season. This festival is unique in two respects that firstly, it is celebrated to pay reverence to Mother Nature for its benevolence in form of rains in otherwise arid area. Secondly, this festival can be touted as days of feminine freedom and romance wherein women express them to woo their beaus by tattooing their hands and feet with decorative designs using Henna as medium, wearing lehariyas, a distinctive fabric design depicting waves and offering them with sweets.

Teej Procession




Dancers on Teej

Once, relieved from the domestic chores, decorated women take off to Gardens where swings tied to large trees await to let them take a skyward journey portraying freedom from otherwise men’s domain the whole year. The procession of Teej Mata, the deity of the festival is taken out for two days. It starts from the Janaani Dyodhi, house for queens adjacent to royal abode and culminates in Talkatora Lake situated in back yards of royal estate where a fair is held where women flock in large numbers. The procession which passes through Tripoliya Gate, Tripoliya Bazar and Gangauri Bazar is watched by locals and foreign tourists flocking in large number. One can see urbane rustic hailing from neighboring villages celebrating with equal gusto and religious fervor.


Teej is not just a folk festival but it has religious relevance with a belief that Goddess Parvati on first Savan, the Indian month of rains, upon her marriage to Lord Shiva came to her parental house and after a long gap, when Lord Shiva went to his in-laws place, goddess Parvati in an effort to woo her husband decorated herself and appeased him with sweets. This act of goddess Parvati became a ritual observed by Hindu women.


Celebrating Independence day through decorations


A hard fought struggle for Independence by Indians which lasted for around a century culminated with formal declaration on midnight of 14th.-15th. August, 1947. Accordingly India celebrates its Independence Day every year on 15th. August. This yearly event is celebrated across the country with patriotic fervor and gusto. Hoisting of National flag is done at various venues including Government offices, Schools and Institutions. Government and Private buildings along with monuments are illuminated with colorful lighting.

Jaipur puts its bit in the fervor of National celebration by flag hoisting at different places and   illumination of historic and government buildings. A pictorial look of such important places will give an insight of the beauty and splendor which illumination has given to these spots.

  1. Police Memorial:

The illumination on the memorial dedicated to the martyr of police personnel who sacrificed their lives on duty in Laddakh was though not ornamental but the lights thrown on statues and plaque were accurate to the sobriety  of the memorial.

Police Memorial

  1. Shaheed Samarak:

City’s another tribute to martyrs who have sacrificed their lives to protect the country from enemy unlike Police Memorial was more illuminated with slight traces of ornamental lights but overall the lightning reflected the somberness of the venue.

Amar jawan jyoti

  1. Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha:

The legislative seat of the State, the domed and grand structure of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly was decorated and illuminated as per the importance of the place. The lights emanating from the electrical strings on the dome was the just eye-catching.

Vidhan Sabha

  1. Albert Hall Museum:

Though a memorial constructed to commemorate the arrival of King of England, the country whose clutches of slavery were broken by Indians 69 years ago, but in Independent India, it is a venue which displays rich cultural and artistic history of the country. It was graciously decorated and its illumination was expounding the beauty of its multi-tier structure to its maximum.

Albert Hall

  1. Jaipur Development Authority

The building which houses the premier agency which has the onus of developing the city, Jaipur Development Authority does not have any historical look or history but being the principal seat responsible for development of Jaipur did deserve some ornamental illumination and it was aptly decorated with strings covering the fences was simply excellent.