A treat for bird watchers


Jodhpur, a city with many sites of historical and heritage importance now plays host to bird lovers too.



Predominantly a desert, Jodhpur previously had some water bodies mainly used for fulfilling the aqua needs of its residents but arrival of Indira Gandhi Canal 25 years ago has changed the biodiversity of the area.


Indira Gandhi Canal which presently is major water source for the area has helped in improving the bio diversity of the area.

Water body of Jodhpur

The water bodies created due to canal has become a second home for many bird species. Many rare and regular migratory birds flock in large numbers.

Water body of Jodhpur II

The congregation of birds on these water bodies attracts many bird lovers who double up the event of bird watching with regular tourism activities of sightseeing etc. The abundance of water has led to more than 2 fold increase in bird species which has gone up to 278 in comparison to 123 a quarter of century ago.


Out of the 124 migratory species visiting these spots 46 are rare ones while 32 are common migrants. Birds like Rosy pasture, Pochard, Shoveler, Coot, Goose, Flamingoes, Pied avocet, Black winged Stilt and many more species are regular visitors to these new water bodies along with the older ones as Soor Sagar, Akheraj Pond and Ummaid Bhawan.


It is essential for tourism based cities like Jodhpur to develop new attractions for tourists so that they do not feel monotony of visiting the same sites on every visit to the place. The bird watching sites developed on these spots will not only add more tourists who prioritize eco-tourism to conventional one.



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