Digital tips for hassle free train journey


Snaking through lush green valleys, making way in the midst of scattered around sand dunes, passing on a bridge over vast span of River flowing underneath, going through dark tunnel or inching to halt station through the outskirts of the city are all the thrills which one experiences during train journey.

kalka-shimla-train passing through the hills

Train ride is simply magnificent. Come to know new people. Get to see new places.  Enjoy the natural beauty enroute and many more. But this joy has its own share of inconveniences. Here are some digital tips which a traveler can use to make his journey comfortable and hassle free.


1) Pre-plan your journey:

Though very basic but as it is said that a stitch at time saves nine, same principal applies here. Indian railways give one an opportunity to make reservations prior to the date of Journey. If one wants digital reservations to avoid long queue can book it through a website named as Ticketdate.  irctc-ticketdate


2} On Waiting list: Any solutions:

Yes, there is a partial solution. A tool christened Trainman can apprise you with the odds of wait listed tickets to be confirmed. The modus operandi is simple. Enter the PNR no. and press the percentage symbol in the list of trains of the route one wishes to take. If the odds are in favor of ticket getting confirmed than it will appear with green background. If it appears in Red background, then it is obvious that confirmation might not happen.


3) Acquaint with Station codes. Train schedules and routes:

One can get real time data at to extract information regarding seat availability, fares, schedules and routes. This information helps to obtain confirmed reservation in the desired train.


4) Need Tatkal tickets:

An autofill tool is available for booking tatkal tickets. The Magic Autofill button will enter your booking details on the browser so that the request is ahead in queue as soon as clock strikes 10 A.M., the stipulated time for booking Tatkal tickets.

magic autofill button

5) Pay for tickets on delivery:

There is a facility provided for cash on delivery in case one does not has online payment options. A simple app on your smart phone can get you out of this problem. BookMyTrain provides this facility to traveler in 200 cities across India.


6) On wait list, fly by air:

If the wait listed tickets are booked 3 days prior to the date of Journey and stand no chance of confirmation then,  IRCTC which has a tie up with low cost flight operators will provide with an option to fly by air to your destination.


7) Check the arrival status:

The arduous wait of a train behind schedule at platform kills the thrill of journey and wastes the time which otherwise could have been utilized for any other purpose, RailYatri updates live on the schedule status of running train. It also has two amazing features which will let the traveler know the status of Mobile connectivity during the journey and it will also advise upon avoidance of habitually late trains.


8) Forgot to carry food, no worry

Barring few trains the food of train’s pantry is just awful , To avoid occurrence of gastronomical trouble during the journey, an option is available in form of Travel Khana where meal can be ordered for 2000 trains running through all major stations of the country is provided through an app or phone. The payment has to be made on delivery.



These virtual aids will certainly make your chook-chook journey merrier. So jump on the band wagon and enjoy the journey.


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