Celebrating Independence day through decorations


A hard fought struggle for Independence by Indians which lasted for around a century culminated with formal declaration on midnight of 14th.-15th. August, 1947. Accordingly India celebrates its Independence Day every year on 15th. August. This yearly event is celebrated across the country with patriotic fervor and gusto. Hoisting of National flag is done at various venues including Government offices, Schools and Institutions. Government and Private buildings along with monuments are illuminated with colorful lighting.

Jaipur puts its bit in the fervor of National celebration by flag hoisting at different places and   illumination of historic and government buildings. A pictorial look of such important places will give an insight of the beauty and splendor which illumination has given to these spots.

  1. Police Memorial:

The illumination on the memorial dedicated to the martyr of police personnel who sacrificed their lives on duty in Laddakh was though not ornamental but the lights thrown on statues and plaque were accurate to the sobriety  of the memorial.

Police Memorial

  1. Shaheed Samarak:

City’s another tribute to martyrs who have sacrificed their lives to protect the country from enemy unlike Police Memorial was more illuminated with slight traces of ornamental lights but overall the lightning reflected the somberness of the venue.

Amar jawan jyoti

  1. Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha:

The legislative seat of the State, the domed and grand structure of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly was decorated and illuminated as per the importance of the place. The lights emanating from the electrical strings on the dome was the just eye-catching.

Vidhan Sabha

  1. Albert Hall Museum:

Though a memorial constructed to commemorate the arrival of King of England, the country whose clutches of slavery were broken by Indians 69 years ago, but in Independent India, it is a venue which displays rich cultural and artistic history of the country. It was graciously decorated and its illumination was expounding the beauty of its multi-tier structure to its maximum.

Albert Hall

  1. Jaipur Development Authority

The building which houses the premier agency which has the onus of developing the city, Jaipur Development Authority does not have any historical look or history but being the principal seat responsible for development of Jaipur did deserve some ornamental illumination and it was aptly decorated with strings covering the fences was simply excellent.




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