Albert Hall Museum now opens for Night Tourism



albert hall night

Centrally located in the midst of lush Ram Niwas Gardens of Jaipur, Albert Hall Museum is a treat to eyes for the passersby as well as those visiting the museum interior. The an assortment of rare articles, real war weapons, paintings, magnificent carpet and the Egyptian mummy during the day time offer a mesmerizing experience to the museum visitors. Time to rejoice that the central museum will now be open for Night Tourism on the line of Amer Fort and City Palace!

Watching the museum articles, especially the Egyptian mummy would be an exciting and thrilling experience for the visitors of Albert Hall Museum. The Museum that regularly shuts down by 04.30 pm will now remain open for the extended time i.e. 07.00 – 10.00 pm after a small break in between.

For the night tourism, the exterior, passages and corridors have been illuminated with glorious colourful lights.

The introductory ticket price for the same would be Rs 100 for both domestic as well as foreign tourist. Now enjoy the magnificence of Rajasthan’s oldest museum in new glory amid the lush gardens under starry sky of night.



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