Chandlai Lake near Jaipur to be declared as protected water body


Have you ever thought of a lake in the dry arid lands of Rajasthan? A 30 km drive from the Pink city in Chaksu district, Chandlai Lake is famous for spotting migratory birds, especially Flamingos.


Over 140-year-old inland water body of historic and cultural significance, would now be declared as a protected lake under the Rajasthan Lake (development and protection) ordinance 2015. The waterbody is very ancient and the construction of the dam was done in the year 1872. The lake attracts over 10,000 local and migratory birds. It also breeds several aquatic species. This is already a hot spot among photographers.

Chandlai Lake

Chandlai Lake

Once the proposal is approved, the department is planning many adventure and water sport activities for tourists like boating, water sports, recreational activities like fishing, bird watching, hiking, horse riding, canoeing and bicycling.

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