Shekhawati gets broad gauge connectivity to Delhi and Haryana



Shekhawati the popular frescoed town of Rajasthan on Tuesday received the best gift from Railway Ministry of India! The tourist town, known as the ‘open air art gallery’ got the direct connectivity of rail route for Haryana, NCR, followed by Mumbai and Ahmadabad via broad gauge.

The first train of the route ‘Sikar Delhi Sarai Rohilla’ was flagged of by Rail Minister on August 01, 2015 along with another passenger Train between Sikar and Rewari via Loharu.

With this remarkable initiative, the people who wish to visit Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Chirawa, Pilani and Rewari, Loharu will get direct train access from Haryana and Delhi without visiting Jaipur.

Frescoes Shekhawati2

Sikar, Jhunjhunu, and other parts of Shekhawati region are the most visited tourist destinations for their magnificent havelis (mansions) and incredibly painted walls. Earlier, the tourists and domestic travelers had to come to Jaipur to reach their destinations. Now they can directly board a train from Sikar and reach Rewari, Gurgaon and New Delhi via Jhunjhunu-Chirawa-Loharu route. Also to return they will have a direct train from these destinations for New Delhi itself.



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