Taste The Irresistible ‘Unified Flavors Of Punjab’ At Lalit Jaipur


The Lalit Hotel, Jaipur is celebrating the charismatic cuisine of Punjab from Sept 18- 27, 2015.

Jaipur Beat

‘Lassi da glass aur pind da swaad’, is your mind already floating in the mustard fields of Punjab where the entrancing aroma of spices is filling up your senses? Well, ours was when we visited the ‘Unified Flavours of Punjab’ festival at Lalit Jaipur today.


While we thought it would be a regular Punjabi food festival with a modern taste and feel, we were pleasantly mistaken. In a truly delicious experience, Chef de cuisine – Jaspratap Bindra a.k.a Jassi and Executive Chef – Ajay Mathur shared with us the nostalgic and beautiful stories of Punjab and how he brought along with him the secret behind the authentic Punjabi cuisine.  They blended the unmatched taste and rustic feel of Punjab in the spices of food preparations at Baluchi, the Pan Indian Destination (Ranked No. 1 in Jaipur by Tripadvisor in the food festival.


The table was set with tangy pickles that…

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