The Fair of Ramdeora begins at Jaisalmer

Ram Deora

Ram Deora

A large annual fair is organized every year in the village of Ramdevra (Rajasthan) in memory of Baba Ram Dev. The fair is held every year in the months of August-September, which corresponds to the month of Bhaadon, according to the Hindu calendar. This year the 631st inter-state Ramdeora fair started on Tuesday. The fair began following traditional mangala aarti and the golden crown was placed at the baba`s Samadhi. In the western Rajasthan, this fair is considered equivalent to kumbh.
The village of Ramdevra is about 12 Kms from Pokhran in Jaisalmer.

People from all religions and caste gather to attend this annual fair in large numbers. They consider this time to be ideal to offer prayers and worship their deity Baba Ramdev. Throughout the fair, people sing and dance in happiness and devotion.


Baba Ramdev was well-known for certain magical, gifted powers, which led to his fame. Slowly and slowly he became very popular about his powers and gifted traits. Because of this five saints came from Mecca to test and verify his powers and if all that is said about him was true. After all the possible examination when they were convinced, they indeed paid homage to him. There is also a well in the same area which is supposed to have been built by Baba Ramdev himself. The local villagers consider the water of this well to be sacred and holy.
In 1931, the Maharaja of Bikaner, constructed a temple around the “Samadhi”.

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