Eco Tourism In The Border State Of Rajasthan


The state tourism and forest department is planning to start with the concept of eco-tourism the golden city of Rajasthan- Jaisalmer. With the large number of tourists visiting the picturesque town of Jaisalmer every year, this is another edition to showcase its beauty.


The itinerary for the tourists includes a ride in the western sandy Thar Desert for sightseeing of wildlife including our state animal camel, wildcat, godawan, deer, and various other species.



Along with this, to experience the real and true Rajasthani culture some hamlets in the National Desert Park of Jaisalmer have already been chosen for tourists to stay and enjoy the rich Rajasthani culture, art and craft. The whole tour of wildlife sightseeing would sum up within an hour, with the help of a young guide for all.


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Hope this great step helps to promote the rich colorful desert culture.


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