Boating now open at Chambal Sanctuary.

Chambal Safari

Chambal Safari

Here’s good news for all wildlife lovers and travelers. The National Chambal Ghariyaal Sanctuary in Sawai Madhopur will soon start with boating in this season. As the Sanctuary attracts many migratory birds- boating is a ‘must to do’ on the list of the tourists.

Boat Excursion in Dholpur- Chambal

The sanctuary has a large number of ghariyaals, crocodiles, fish and turtles apart from the other aquatic wildlife. As the monsoon season is over for the year from the state of Rajasthan, bird watchers will again get an opportunity to take  scenic boat rides while enjoying the wildlife. Besides the approaching winter will offer to see migratory birds and sun basking Ghariyaals on the shores and rocks in the middle of the river.

This addition will definitely attract tourists, especially wildlife enthusiasts from all over for bird watching.


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