A Musical Saga With Coke Studio


Jaipur witnessed a soulful musical night on Saturday (17th Oct 2015). Coke Studio, which is known for its brilliant live studio recorded performances by some great music artists, created a kick start to a musical journey.

12119111_1005358032820212_8024027199524903654_n copy

This edition of MTV Coke Studio took Jaipurites on a musical ride with music composer and singer- Amit Trivedi, singing some of the most successful songs- ‘Ik Tara’, ‘Chaudhary’ and welcoming people to the colorful state of Rajasthan by hymning ‘Padharo Mahre Des’.

10440924_1005547056134643_1619577138603630958_n copy

Ram Sampath, who is known for edgy music has been experimenting and re-inventing music from past two decades, enthralled the audience with his lively performance on the track ‘Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose’.

12118748_1005547076134641_4547236563625267732_n copy

A well known singer with bold voice- Sona Mohapatra gave an electrifying performance from Satyamev Jayate’s track – ‘Rupaiya’ along with a mash up of her tracks.

Coke Studio performance enraptured the attention of the whole of Jaipur and gave an energetic start to the weekend.




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