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Tranquil Ghats of Pushkar Lake

In the Tranquil Ghats of Pushkar Lake,
We almost hear the echo
Of temple Bells and Hymns
That only rapture thrills
Into the home to the King of creation
Where Sin can never enter

In the month of October/ November, ‘Pushkar Festival’ at Pushkar, Ajmer in the state of Rajasthan is held every year during the auspicious period of Kartik Poornima, and then is the time when this small town turns into a hub of cultural extravaganzas. On the day of Kartik Poornima, thousands of devotees bathe in the holy lake, which is said to have been created when Lord Brahma dropped a sacred lotus flower to earth.

G1 copy

The saintly Pushkar town clusters around the Pushkar Lake with innumerable small temples, but the Brahma temple is a major attraction and around 52 Ghats cuddle the holy lake. The Ghats or we call it steps are sacred bathing places used to do religious rituals & ceremonies like Pind Daan(Hindu Ritual done for ancestors to take their blessings) and pilgrims bathe in the sacred waters. It is important to know that Ghats of Pushkar are meant just for religious bathing.  A dip in its holy waters during the eve of Kartik Poornima is considered auspicious.

G10 copy

The best way to experience the sanctity of this holy town is to visit its Ghats. While you walk on the buzzing street of Pushkar, the fragrance of incense sticks or Agarbattis, the spectacle of the yellow marigold floret and red roses with the periodic sound of temple bells and hymns alongside the narrow alleys inevitably takes you to the Ghat where the Panda’s clad in dhoti’s and tikka on forehead beside the pilgrims of all ages greets you.

ghat 2

Let’s take a tour of vivid Ghats of Pushkar lake. It is interesting to note that every Ghat has an interesting story behind and has its own meaning and use. Most Ghats are dedicated to worshipping and some are meant for cremations. Along with Pandas, multitudes of pigeons are the hosts to the sacred ghat. Every day between 5 pm to 5.30 pm Maha Aarti is being performed at Varah Ghat.

G11 copy

The prominent Ghats surrounding Pushkar lake are-

Gau Ghat

  • Gau Ghat ( Raj Babra Temple )
  • Janana / Queen Mary Ghat
  • Chir Ghat
  • Nagar Ghat
  • Jagannath Ghat
  • Ram Ghat
  • Mukti Ghat
  • Gangaur Ghat
  • Asthal Ghat.

Badri Ghat

  • Badri Ghat ( Old Rang-ji Temple )
  • Bhind Bhadawar / Nagar Palika Ghat
  • Vishram / Jhulelal
  • Vishram / Jhulelal
  • Kurmanchal Ghat.

Pachdevri Ghat

  • Pachdevri Ghat
  • Holkar / Ahilya / Indore Ghat.


Varaha Ghat

  • Varaha Ghat ( Varaha Temple )
  • Pachdevri Ghat

108 Mahadev Ghat

  • Chandra Ghat
  • Indra Ghat
  • Gwalior Ghat ( Koteshwar Mahadev Temple )
  • Bagula Ghat
  • Panch Vir
  • Jaisalmer / Kishangarh Ghat
  • Guru Gobind Singh Ghat
  • Man / Jaipur Ghat.

Saptrishi Ghat

  • Saptarishi Ghat.

Mandor / Gurjara Ghat

  • Bundi Ghat
  • Balunda Ghat
  • Vir Gurjara Ghat
  • Sikar Ghat

Swarup Ghat

  • Swarup Vallabh Ghat ( Savitri Temple )
  • Kota Ghat.

Hingor Mal Ka Mahal

  • Hingor Mal Mahal / Tantuvaya Vaishya Ghat
  • Chauri Paidi Ghat.

Kalyan Ghat

  • Kalyan Ghat ( Rama Baikunth Temple )
  • Raj Bohra Ghat ( Brahma Temple )
  • Karni Ghat
  • Tarni Ghat
  • Parashuram Ghat ( Nimbark )
  • Savitri Ghat.

Brahma Ghat

  • Brahma Ghat ( Brahma Temple )
  • Dadhicha / Hada Ghat
  • Sati Ghat.

Yajna Ghat

  • Yajna Ghat ( Riddhi Siddhi Temple )
  • Shitla Mata Ghat
  • Chhik Mata Ghat
  • Bharatpur Ghat
  • Rehgaran / Gandhi / Shaheed Ghat.

Remember, to remove shoes and put your camera back in cover, as photography at the Ghat area is not allowed.

11 Things you must do when visiting Pushkar Fair


Pushkar is a tourist paradise and there is nothing like experiencing it during the world famous cattle fair that coincides with the religious Kartik Poornima. During this time visitors from the world over gather to witness the spectacle where thousands of camels are dressed up. There are lot many things to explore and experience when you are in Pushkar during the fair time-

Street Stroll- 


A stroll on Pushkar streets are must as it lets you experience the radiant market, culture and lifestyle of its people. It is fascinating to see small shops selling almost everything from colorful puppets to souvenirs, beads and bangles, gemstones, leather goods, mirror work items, saddles, utensils, decorative pieces and a lot more. At every point you will be tempted to Stop and Shop!

Cherish Street food-

Street Food

street food1

Pushkar Fair

Just the sight of vendors preparing typical Rajasthani food has been enough to sway you to taste the street food in Pushkar. Be it staple daal baati, garama garam Chapati, Mirchi ke Tapore, Dal Ki Kachori, yummy pakoras or the delicious Malpue which you get nowhere else,  Pushkar, offers a wide variety of vegetarian food in multiple eateries in dirt cheap rates. Mobile Tea and mobile coke dispensers were something new that we found this year.

Get the view from the top


There is nothing to match the magic of floating on air on Hot air Balloon or taking a helicopter ride to have that unique experience of witnessing the cattle land from the top.

Camel /Horse Safari-


What better way to explore the rugged terrain other than camel safari or horse safari. Enjoy the music of slow moving camels as they walk past the golden sand dunes.

Sunrise and Sunset-


Mornings and evenings are the time for action. The beautiful hills surrounding Nag Parvat bequeath mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets with the backdrop of camels. Sunrise and sunrise views are enormously charismatic and enchanting.

Listen to local beats


The Folk artist while roaming around the cattle ground or in the market echoes melodious tunes which are hypnotizing enough to vibrate the chords of your soul.

Click Click n Click



Every nook and corner of Pushkar is a photographer’s delight. Be it the colorful caravan of camels, women flaunting in colorful odhinis, flamboyant bazaars, mesmerizing sunrise and sunset’s, expressions of different people you simply want to capture all and make it a memorable time through your lens.

Holy Dip-

Holy Dip.jpg

It’s considered auspicious to take a holy dip at Pushkar Sarover and it will bring you good luck and takes away all your sins. For spiritual travelers, a holy dip is must.

Pray at Brahma Temple-


The only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in the entire country is located here at Pushkar. Throughout the year prayers are offered by the devotees in this temple.

Visit Mela ground

melaMela Ground

The Mela ground is full of activities including fun rides. Various types of competitions are also held viz camel and horse decoration, races etc.The folklores, music, ballads and dance performances showcase the colorful culture of Rajasthan.

Get a glimpse of Pushkar at night


Night is the best time to get a splendid view of Pushkar Lake where the bright stars twinkle in spectral colors. Simply tranquil, serene and peaceful 🙂

If you have not planned your visit this year, don’t worry. Pushkar Fair is an annual event. You still can plan it for next year, along with your family and friends.



Take a Holy Dip at the Chandrabhaga Fair   


Chandrabhaga Fair is held every year in Jhalawar, Rajasthan during the auspicious month of Kartik (October – November).

Chandrabhaga fair-jhalawar1

This Fair attracts people from all over the world and devotees come from around to cleanse their soul by taking a dip in the holy Chandravati River on the full moon day. It also witnesses big cattle fair and you can also immerse yourself in an array of musical and cultural activities.


How To Reach

Jhalawar doesn’t have any airport but one canfly to the nearest airport in Kota, which is only 87kms away from Jhalawar. Jaipur, Bundi and Kota are well connected to Jhalawar through NH12. One can also hace access to train and reach the nearest rail head- Ramganj Mandi, which only 25 kms away from Jhalawar.

Make your visit a memorable experience by visiting the Chandrabhaga Fair, which starts tomorrow – 24th November to 26th November 2015.


Its Time To Rediscover Rajasthan At The Resurgent Rajasthan Summit


With less than a day left for the Resurgent Rajasthan Partnership Summit, the state is all set to make Rajasthan as the new investment hub and has left no stone unturned for this grand meet.


Jaipur is shining to welcome delegates from all round the world and one can see massive development in eco-tourism to help contribute in sustainable development. Jaipurites are all keeping a vigil at this grand summit , from policemen ready strict on the duties to the practice session by artist for the grand night of Resurgent Rajasthan at Janpath. The state seems to have pulled up their socks and be spick and span. Here is the official schedule of the two – day Resurgent Rajasthan.


Wednesday, 18 November, 2015

7:00 pm onwards Cultural Programme followed by Dinner Hotel Jai Mahal Palace


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Inaugural Session at Hall 1

7:30 am Registration opens
10:00 am Entry closes for Inaugural Session
10:30 am – 1:00 pm INAUGURAL SESSION
1:00 – 2:00 pm Lunch

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm                 Parallel Sectoral Session

  Hall 1 Amber Fort Hall Kumbhalgarh Hall Gagron Fort Hall Auditorium Convention Centre
2:00 – 3:15 pm Smart Cities & Highways : Reshaping Urban Infrastructure Leveraging Tourism for Sustainable Development Auto and ESDM Sector: Welcoming the New Age


Live Screening of the Session at Mehrangarh Hall

Transforming Healthcare Delivery in Rajasthan


Live Screening of the Session at the Chittorgrah Hall

Make in India: Skilling Rajasthan
3:45 – 5:00 pm Agriculture and Food Processing: Exploring Marketing and Investment Opportunities Focus Country Session: Japan Sustainable Mining: Managinig, Benefits & Risks


Live Screening of the Session at Mehrangarh Hall

Focus Country Session: Singapore




Live Screening of the Session at the Chittorgarh Hall

Regulatory Reforms:  Creating an Investor Friendly Environment


2:00 – 5:00 pm ITALY: One-to-one Meeting


Country Lounge: ITALY

AUSTRALIA: One-to-one Meeting (Sports & Tourism)

Country Lounge : AUSTRALIA

7:00 pm RESURGENT RAJASTHAN NITE Janpath, Opposite Vidhan Sabha
8:30 pm onwards Dinner Hotel Rambagh Palace

Friday, 20 November 2015

MSME Conclave & Valedictory Session at Hall 1

8:00 am onwards Registration Starts
9:30 am Entry closes for MSME Conclave
10:00 am – 12:00 noon MSME: Growth Engine for Make in India – Opportunites & Challenges
12:00 noon – 1:30 pm Valedictory Session
1:30 pm onwards Lunch


Pushkar Fair Programme Details


The much awaited annual Pushkar Fair of Rajasthan is all set to begin from Wednesday, 18 November 2015.

Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair is a spectacular tourist attraction that pulls Indians and foreign buyers together. The trade of cattle, attractive activities like desert sports, music encores, unique competitions and attractive markets constitute the major chunk of the fair while a series of cultural events precede the fair which includes lively puppet shows and camel races.

Pushkar Fair Pushkar camel fair

The Pushkar Lake very much visible from Pushkar Palace, is the point of attraction for millions of devotees for a holy dip and provides an opportunity for the traders and organizers to create a festive bonanza for the devotees coming to the town.

Pushkar Lake


ghat night

It’s true that most locals look at the Fair as an occasion, and the foreigners love being a part of this occasion. Here’s the detailed list of events to be held during the Pushkar Fair.

Pushkar Fair 2015 – Tentative Programme

Wednesday November  18 , 2015

09.00–09.25 a.m. Flag Hoisting Stadium
09.30–10.00 a.m. Mandna Competition Stadium
09.35–09.50 a.m. Group Dance (By School Girls) Stadium
10.05–10.25 a.m. Camel Race Stadium
10.30–11.30 a.m. Football Match (Locals v/s Visitors) Stadium
06.00–06.30 p.m. Deepdan Sarovar (Lake)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

10.00–11.00 a.m. Satolia Match (Locals v/s Visitors) (Traditional Game) Stadium
10.30–11.00 a.m. Langari Taang Competition (Traditional Game) Stadium
11.00–11.30 a.m. Camel Decoration (Gorband) Stadium
05.00–05.30 p.m. Maha Aarti Varah Ghat

Friday , November 20, 2015

11.00–12.00 noon Camel Dance Competition Stadium
12.00–01.00 p.m. Horse Dance Competition Stadium
05.00–05.30 p.m. Maha Aarti Varah Ghat
08.00–09.00 p.m. Temple Dance Old Rangji Temple

Saturday, November 21, 2015

08.00–10.00 a.m. Spiritual Walk Gurudwara-Stadium
10.00–11.00 a.m. Kabbadi Match (Locals v/s Visitors) Stadium
01.00–02.00 p.m. Inter Panchayat Samiti Rural Sports Competition Stadium
03.00–03.30 p.m. Inauguration of “Shilp Gram” Art & craft Bazaar Shilp Gram
03.00–03.30 p.m. Inauguration of “Shilp Gram” Art & craft Bazaar Shilp Gram
05.00–05.30 p.m. Maha Aarti Varah Ghat
05.30–06.00 p.m. Inauguration of Gir & Cross Breed Cattle Exhibition Cattle Exhibition Ground
06.00–06.30 p.m. Inauguration of “Udhyog Craft Fair” Rural Haat
08.00–09.00 p.m. Temple Dance Old Rangji Temple
08.30-10.00 p.m. Cultural Programme Stadium

Sunday ,  November 22, 2015

10.00–11.00 a.m. Gir and Cross Breed Competition Stadium
11.00–11.30 a.m. Turban Tying and Tilak Competition Stadium
11a.m.–09 p.m. “Shilp Gram” Art & Craft Bazaar Shilp Gram
11 a.m.–10 p.m. Udhyog Craft Fair Rural Haat
11.30–12.00 noon Moustache Competition Stadium
01.00–02.00 p.m. Inter Panchayat Samiti Rural Sports Competition Stadium
05.00–05.30 p.m. Maha Aarti Varah Ghat
07.00–08.30 p.m. Indian Bride & Groom Competition (For Foreigners) by Rajasthan Tourism Stadium
08.00–09.00 p.m. Temple Dance Old Rangji Temple
08.30-10.00 p.m. Musical evening by renowned vocalist Smt. Vidhya shah Stadium

Monday , November 23, 2015

08.00– 09.00 a.m. Wrestling Competition Stadium
11.00–11.30 a.m. Matka Race (Water pot race for Women) Stadium
11a.m.–09 p.m. “Shilp Gram” Art & Craft Mela Shilp Gram
11a.m.–10 p.m. Udhyog Craft Fair Rural Haat
10.00–11.00 a.m. Horse, Camel and Nagauri Bull-Animal Competition Stadium
12.30–01.00 p.m. Matka phod Competition (Locals v/s Visitors) Stadium
01.00–02.00 p.m. Inter Panchayat Samiti Rural Sports Competition Stadium
05.00–05.30 p.m. Maha Aarti Varah Ghat
07.00–09.30 p.m. Best of Rajasthan – Cultural Show by Rajasthan Tourism Stadium
08.00–09.00 p.m. Temple Dance Old Rangji Temple

Tuesday , November 24, 2015

11.00–11.30 a.m. Musical Chair Race Stadium
11a.m.–09 p.m. “Shilpgram” Art & Craft Bazaar Shilp Gram
11a.m.–10 p.m. Udhyog Craft Fair Rural Haat
03.00–04.00 p.m. Champion Cattle Competition Cattle Exhibition Ground
01.00–02.00 p.m. Inter Panchayat Samiti Rural Sports Competition (Final) Stadium
05.00–05.30 p.m. Maha Aarti Varah Ghat
07.00–10.00 p.m. Cultural Programme Stadium
08.00–09.00 p.m. Temple Dance Old Rangji Temple

Wednesday , November 25, 2015

09.00–11.00 a.m. Closing Ceremony & Prize Distribution (Cultural Programme,  Folk Artists & Camel Parade, Cattle Show, Horse Race, Camel Race, Tug of War, Jalebi Race, Water Pot Race etc.) Stadium
11 a.m.–10 p.m. Udhyog Craft Fair Rural Haat
05.00–05.30 p.m. Maha Aarti Varah Ghat
08.00–09.00 p.m. Temple Dance Old Rangji Temple

Give A Kick Start To The Joyous Festival Of Lights!


The most awaited five days festival of the year is finally here. It’s that time when the entire state of Rajasthan is decorated like a newly wedded bride, and soaks everyone – young and old alike in the festivities and celebration. It is the time of Diwali – the festival of lights.


This five day event begins with the festival of Dhanteras. Celebrated on the thirteenth day of the dark fortnight, its main motive lies in purchasing of new things. As Dhanteras festival is considered auspicious for shopping, it’s a must see sight as throng of people turn up to buy various things like utensils, jewellery, silverware, automobiles, electronics in honor of this festival as the glittering markets greet them.


It’s a beautiful sight of places decorated with colorful lights, which add that zing to the festive mood. The decorated markets add to the enthusiasm and vigor of the people. The houses beautified with rangoli and fairy lights are all set to welcome Goddess Laxmi.

diwali jpr


At the end how could any occasion of celebration be left incomplete without sweets? When the entire market is screaming loud, why will the sweet shops be left behind? There are new mouth watering delicacies seen at every next shop to add that perfect sweetness to the joyous celebration.

Diwali in Jaipur

Let the celebrations begin with sparkling lights of crackers giving hope for prosperity for the months ahead.  We wish for a healthy and happy Diwali.



Crowne Plaza Hotel now in Jaipur

Pic @ Voyager World

Pic @ Voyager World

Another hospitality chain enters the Pink City to cater to the connoisseurs. The InterContinental Hotels Group launched its 10th Crowne Plaza hotel in Jaipur on Wednesday, November 04, 2015. On a premium location near Jaipur airport, the hotel is spread across 19,500 sq. ft and has 218 rooms and suites.

The banquet venues claims to accommodate up to 1200 guests for conferences, meetings and events. Additionally, the hotel offers service excellence by Crowne Plaza Meeting experts.

There are five dining options including Sirocco, an all-day dining restaurant; House Of Han offering Chinese fare and a high energy bar called ConneXions.

Business travellers, Board meeting holders may consider the new venue that promises crisp hospitality and posh services to its guests in Jaipur.