Give A Kick Start To The Joyous Festival Of Lights!


The most awaited five days festival of the year is finally here. It’s that time when the entire state of Rajasthan is decorated like a newly wedded bride, and soaks everyone – young and old alike in the festivities and celebration. It is the time of Diwali – the festival of lights.


This five day event begins with the festival of Dhanteras. Celebrated on the thirteenth day of the dark fortnight, its main motive lies in purchasing of new things. As Dhanteras festival is considered auspicious for shopping, it’s a must see sight as throng of people turn up to buy various things like utensils, jewellery, silverware, automobiles, electronics in honor of this festival as the glittering markets greet them.


It’s a beautiful sight of places decorated with colorful lights, which add that zing to the festive mood. The decorated markets add to the enthusiasm and vigor of the people. The houses beautified with rangoli and fairy lights are all set to welcome Goddess Laxmi.

diwali jpr


At the end how could any occasion of celebration be left incomplete without sweets? When the entire market is screaming loud, why will the sweet shops be left behind? There are new mouth watering delicacies seen at every next shop to add that perfect sweetness to the joyous celebration.

Diwali in Jaipur

Let the celebrations begin with sparkling lights of crackers giving hope for prosperity for the months ahead.  We wish for a healthy and happy Diwali.



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