11 Things you must do when visiting Pushkar Fair


Pushkar is a tourist paradise and there is nothing like experiencing it during the world famous cattle fair that coincides with the religious Kartik Poornima. During this time visitors from the world over gather to witness the spectacle where thousands of camels are dressed up. There are lot many things to explore and experience when you are in Pushkar during the fair time-

Street Stroll- 


A stroll on Pushkar streets are must as it lets you experience the radiant market, culture and lifestyle of its people. It is fascinating to see small shops selling almost everything from colorful puppets to souvenirs, beads and bangles, gemstones, leather goods, mirror work items, saddles, utensils, decorative pieces and a lot more. At every point you will be tempted to Stop and Shop!

Cherish Street food-

Street Food

street food1

Pushkar Fair

Just the sight of vendors preparing typical Rajasthani food has been enough to sway you to taste the street food in Pushkar. Be it staple daal baati, garama garam Chapati, Mirchi ke Tapore, Dal Ki Kachori, yummy pakoras or the delicious Malpue which you get nowhere else,  Pushkar, offers a wide variety of vegetarian food in multiple eateries in dirt cheap rates. Mobile Tea and mobile coke dispensers were something new that we found this year.

Get the view from the top


There is nothing to match the magic of floating on air on Hot air Balloon or taking a helicopter ride to have that unique experience of witnessing the cattle land from the top.

Camel /Horse Safari-


What better way to explore the rugged terrain other than camel safari or horse safari. Enjoy the music of slow moving camels as they walk past the golden sand dunes.

Sunrise and Sunset-


Mornings and evenings are the time for action. The beautiful hills surrounding Nag Parvat bequeath mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets with the backdrop of camels. Sunrise and sunrise views are enormously charismatic and enchanting.

Listen to local beats


The Folk artist while roaming around the cattle ground or in the market echoes melodious tunes which are hypnotizing enough to vibrate the chords of your soul.

Click Click n Click



Every nook and corner of Pushkar is a photographer’s delight. Be it the colorful caravan of camels, women flaunting in colorful odhinis, flamboyant bazaars, mesmerizing sunrise and sunset’s, expressions of different people you simply want to capture all and make it a memorable time through your lens.

Holy Dip-

Holy Dip.jpg

It’s considered auspicious to take a holy dip at Pushkar Sarover and it will bring you good luck and takes away all your sins. For spiritual travelers, a holy dip is must.

Pray at Brahma Temple-


The only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in the entire country is located here at Pushkar. Throughout the year prayers are offered by the devotees in this temple.

Visit Mela ground

melaMela Ground

The Mela ground is full of activities including fun rides. Various types of competitions are also held viz camel and horse decoration, races etc.The folklores, music, ballads and dance performances showcase the colorful culture of Rajasthan.

Get a glimpse of Pushkar at night


Night is the best time to get a splendid view of Pushkar Lake where the bright stars twinkle in spectral colors. Simply tranquil, serene and peaceful 🙂

If you have not planned your visit this year, don’t worry. Pushkar Fair is an annual event. You still can plan it for next year, along with your family and friends.




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