Tranquil Ghats of Pushkar Lake

In the Tranquil Ghats of Pushkar Lake,
We almost hear the echo
Of temple Bells and Hymns
That only rapture thrills
Into the home to the King of creation
Where Sin can never enter

In the month of October/ November, ‘Pushkar Festival’ at Pushkar, Ajmer in the state of Rajasthan is held every year during the auspicious period of Kartik Poornima, and then is the time when this small town turns into a hub of cultural extravaganzas. On the day of Kartik Poornima, thousands of devotees bathe in the holy lake, which is said to have been created when Lord Brahma dropped a sacred lotus flower to earth.

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The saintly Pushkar town clusters around the Pushkar Lake with innumerable small temples, but the Brahma temple is a major attraction and around 52 Ghats cuddle the holy lake. The Ghats or we call it steps are sacred bathing places used to do religious rituals & ceremonies like Pind Daan(Hindu Ritual done for ancestors to take their blessings) and pilgrims bathe in the sacred waters. It is important to know that Ghats of Pushkar are meant just for religious bathing.  A dip in its holy waters during the eve of Kartik Poornima is considered auspicious.

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The best way to experience the sanctity of this holy town is to visit its Ghats. While you walk on the buzzing street of Pushkar, the fragrance of incense sticks or Agarbattis, the spectacle of the yellow marigold floret and red roses with the periodic sound of temple bells and hymns alongside the narrow alleys inevitably takes you to the Ghat where the Panda’s clad in dhoti’s and tikka on forehead beside the pilgrims of all ages greets you.

ghat 2

Let’s take a tour of vivid Ghats of Pushkar lake. It is interesting to note that every Ghat has an interesting story behind and has its own meaning and use. Most Ghats are dedicated to worshipping and some are meant for cremations. Along with Pandas, multitudes of pigeons are the hosts to the sacred ghat. Every day between 5 pm to 5.30 pm Maha Aarti is being performed at Varah Ghat.

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The prominent Ghats surrounding Pushkar lake are-

Gau Ghat

  • Gau Ghat ( Raj Babra Temple )
  • Janana / Queen Mary Ghat
  • Chir Ghat
  • Nagar Ghat
  • Jagannath Ghat
  • Ram Ghat
  • Mukti Ghat
  • Gangaur Ghat
  • Asthal Ghat.

Badri Ghat

  • Badri Ghat ( Old Rang-ji Temple )
  • Bhind Bhadawar / Nagar Palika Ghat
  • Vishram / Jhulelal
  • Vishram / Jhulelal
  • Kurmanchal Ghat.

Pachdevri Ghat

  • Pachdevri Ghat
  • Holkar / Ahilya / Indore Ghat.


Varaha Ghat

  • Varaha Ghat ( Varaha Temple )
  • Pachdevri Ghat

108 Mahadev Ghat

  • Chandra Ghat
  • Indra Ghat
  • Gwalior Ghat ( Koteshwar Mahadev Temple )
  • Bagula Ghat
  • Panch Vir
  • Jaisalmer / Kishangarh Ghat
  • Guru Gobind Singh Ghat
  • Man / Jaipur Ghat.

Saptrishi Ghat

  • Saptarishi Ghat.

Mandor / Gurjara Ghat

  • Bundi Ghat
  • Balunda Ghat
  • Vir Gurjara Ghat
  • Sikar Ghat

Swarup Ghat

  • Swarup Vallabh Ghat ( Savitri Temple )
  • Kota Ghat.

Hingor Mal Ka Mahal

  • Hingor Mal Mahal / Tantuvaya Vaishya Ghat
  • Chauri Paidi Ghat.

Kalyan Ghat

  • Kalyan Ghat ( Rama Baikunth Temple )
  • Raj Bohra Ghat ( Brahma Temple )
  • Karni Ghat
  • Tarni Ghat
  • Parashuram Ghat ( Nimbark )
  • Savitri Ghat.

Brahma Ghat

  • Brahma Ghat ( Brahma Temple )
  • Dadhicha / Hada Ghat
  • Sati Ghat.

Yajna Ghat

  • Yajna Ghat ( Riddhi Siddhi Temple )
  • Shitla Mata Ghat
  • Chhik Mata Ghat
  • Bharatpur Ghat
  • Rehgaran / Gandhi / Shaheed Ghat.

Remember, to remove shoes and put your camera back in cover, as photography at the Ghat area is not allowed.

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