No Double Decker Train to be on Track on Thursday’s & Sunday’s


Due to the foggy conditions now prevailing in the capital city of Delhi, the Northern Western railway authorities have cancelled 12985  Jaipur Delhi AC Double Decker train and 12986 Delhi- Jaipur, Double Decker train on two week days i.e Thursday and Sunday till the end of February month.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 2.12.31 PM.png

Similarly, 12215 & 12216 Garib Rath from Delhi Sarai Rohilla- Bandra Terminus and vice versa is also cancelled.

For frequent travellers it is worrisome as the Double Decker train is the most convenient mode of travel between Delhi- Jaipur 😦

Those travelling to Rajasthan during this period kindly check the list of cancelled trains released by NWR authorities to avoid any inconvenience.



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