Indulge In Some ‘Patang Bazi’ On The Festival Of Makar Sankranti


The festival of Kites – Makar Sankranti is celebrated all across in different styles and forms. The Kite Festival is often referred to as the harvest festival because this is the time when harvesting is completed and people get together to celebrate.

RTBLooking at the scientific significance – every eighth year, Makar Sankranti is shifted by a day due to postpone in the revolution of the Earth around the Sun, thus this year the festival is being celebrated on 15th January 2016.  And from this day onwards, winter is relieved slowly.  With the onset of clear skies and pleasant breeze everyone is seen in a jubilant mood. Where some people prefer celebrating the joy of this auspicious occasion by bathing in the holy waters of Ganga, Yamuna, etc. and doing a meritorious acts of donating and offering the needy utensils, clothes, food, etc; some simply enjoy by engaging into kite flying and soaring the sky!


As food is important to any festival, there are special preparations like Til Ke Laddoo, Dal Pakodi, Gajar Ka Halwa, Fini/ Phini, Gajak and other delicacies in every house of Rajasthan.


The festival does not end with the setting of the Sun. As the dusk approaches, kites are replaced with paper lamps and lanterns, and the night sky glows in its beauty.


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So, come and experience the fabulous festival of kites in the Pink City of Jaipur on 15th January 2016, to see the huge kites and indulge in some real ‘patang bazi’.

Happy Makar Sankranti 🙂


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