6 Things to Do in Jaipur When You Are Done With The Great Indian Travel Bazaar

6 Things to Do in Jaipur When You Are Done With The Great Indian Travel Bazaar

So you have booked your tickets for Jaipur and are all set for GITB 2016 but have you thought about what you would do for some fun? Recreation is a must after hectic business activities to refresh your mind. When you are in Jaipur there is no dearth of fun things to do. We have put together a list of top things that you must do in Jaipur-

1. Shop Some Souvenirs


Shopping is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind, when they visit the Pink City. Get some traditional Rajasthani prints like bandhej and leheriya for sure. Jaipur jutis, mirror work clothes and handicrafts should be on your list as well. The four-walled city has markets for everything from jewellery to shoes. Bapu Bazaar is a great market to shop at and so is Hawa Mahal.


2. See the Sights


Amer fort is the most popular tourist destination in Jaipur. The Light and Sound Show will give you chills and you will remember it always. Do not miss out on other grand forts like Jaigarh and Nahargarh. A stroll near Jal Mahal will make your evening when you feel the breeze on your face.


3. Chokhi Dhani


Want the taste of real Rajasthan? Make sure that you visit Chokhi Dhani. It’s a beautiful place that is modeled like a village. Here you can experience camel and elephant rides and dance with folk dancers. The Rajasthani food is offered in a traditional setting at Chokhi Dhani, a first for many tourists.


4. Eat like locals


There are many food-joints that Jaipurites frequent for the authentic taste. As a tourist you might want something that you can find easily so simply go to statue circle, order a yummy cuppa at Uncle’s Coffee. Ramchandra kulfi at Ajmeri Gate is the stuff that dreams are made of. For authentic Jaipuri food and desserts, LMB in Johari Bazaar is very popular among locals and tourists alike.


5. Balloon Ride


You do not get to fly in a hot air balloon everywhere but Jaipur is different. Book a balloon ride and behold Jaipur in all its glory from sky. This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience so you should go for it this time.


6. World Trade Park


The much loved symbol of modern Jaipur, World Trade Park is a place for shopping the big brands and eating at the hippest food chains. Even if you do not want to shop, you will love to roam around here.


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