Get Ready for Fun and Frolic at Mount Abu Summer Festival 2016

Get Ready for Fun and Frolic at Mount Abu Summer Festival 2016

Most of India is burning under the hot gaze of sun these days. It is the time when vacations start in schools and people head to colder climates of hill stations to get some respite. Mount Abu is one such oasis in the desert of Rajasthan that is cooler than the rest of the state even in sweltering heat. The only hill-station of Rajasthan gets a lot of tourists in summer.

Mount Abu

To increase the enjoyment, Summer Festival is organized every year in Mount Abu. This festival is celebrated on the occasion of Budhha Purnima. This year the dates for the festival are 20th and 21st May.


What to expect at Mount Abu Summer Festival 2016

Expect the experience of rich Rajasthan-culture! The festival starts with a vibrant procession that goes from RTDC Shikhar Hotel to Nakki Lake Chowk. After this you get to enjoy folk performances by amazing artists of Rajasthan as well as Gujarat.

Mount Abu Festival

The next day offers even more enjoyment as many fun competitions are held then. Rowing competition in Nakki Lake, tug of war, skating race, skating show, horse race and CRPF band show are the popular attractions. The super exciting Matka Race where people run with earthen pots filled with water on their heads keeps people in splits.

Mount Abu Festival


The Mount Abu Summer Festival organized by Rajasthan Tourism is a great time to enjoy, relax and get painted in the colors of Rajasthan.


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