Get Mesmerized by the Scenic Beauty of the Lakes of Rajasthan

Get Mesmerized by the Scenic Beauty of the Lakes of Rajasthan

Rajasthan has multiple colors to offer. On one hand, it has the vast Thar Desert and on other it has lush greenery. The state boasts of many lakes. Most of the lakes in the state are artificial but still very beautiful. The lakes were primarily built to serve the need of water in the old times. Udaipur is called the city of lakes and surely has the most marvelous lakes. It doesn’t mean that other lakes in the state are any less enchanting. Here we are introducing you to the twelve most popular lakes in Rajasthan-

Sambhar Lake

Let’s get started with the largest lake in India! Sambhar Lake is situated in Jaipur and is surrounded by Aravali Hills. This is a salt lake but Sambhar Lake is also a popular tourist spot. When you are in the area, you see white everywhere you see. The serenity and beauty of this lake is unmatched.
When you are here, also make sure to pay a visit to Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary which is especially known for a variety of bird-species.

Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola
Another highly popular lake is this artificial lake in Udaipur. Lake Pichola has beautiful structures like heritage hotels and City Palace surrounding it. There are islands in the lake as well that have palaces and luxury hotels. A trip to Udaipur is incomplete without a boat ride on Pichola.

Maan Sagar Lake

Jal Mahal
This lake is one of those places where time stands still. The rippling waves are really charming. To add to the beauty of this lake, there is Jal Mahal in the middle. At Maan Sagar Lake you can enjoy various moods of sun while feeding bread to fish. The Jal Mahal is lit up at night to add to the pleasure.

Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake
This picturesque lake in Mount Abu is not only beautiful but it is also considered sacred. The Summer Festival in Mount Abu is held by the side of this lake. A serene boat ride on Nakki Lake is a lovely experience.

Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake
This is another sacred lake in the desert state. Indian pilgrims and even foreign tourists come to take a dip in this Holy Lake. The lake is especially thronged on Kartik Purnima which is the time of Pushkar Festival. The lake has 52 bathing ghats.

Ana Sagar Lake

Ana Sagar
Ana Sagar is spread over 13 kilometers in Ajmer city. Ana Sagar is an artificial lake with an island. The island houses a garden surrounded by marble fence. There is a lush green garden near lake- Daulat Bagh. You can go to the island in the lake with boat or water scooter.

Doodh talai Lake

doodh talai udaipur
This is technically a pond situated near Lake Pichola in Udaipur. The main attraction near lake is a ropeway that goes up to the height of 500 meters. There is a Karni Mata temple once you reach on top. From top you can also soothe your eyes with the magnificent view of Udaipur.

Balsamand Lake

balsamand lake
Balsamand Lake is a popular picnic spot and is situated near Jodhpur. You can enjoy the view of lake while sitting under the shades of trees surrounding it. There is a heritage hotel on the shore of the lake if you want to spend a few days near the scenic water body.

Fateh Sagar Lake

Fateh Sagar
Udaipur’s very popular Lake has an island garden and a boat-shaped café. You can reach the island on a boating while admiring the hills surrounding the lake. Even if you are not up for going to the café, Fateh Sagar Lake is a must visit.

Maota Lake

maota lake
You will come across this lake on your way to Amber Fort. This lake used to be the main source of water for the fort. It looks resplendent when viewed from the fort. Maota Lake also has an island garden known as Kesar Kyari Bagh.

Nawal Sagar Lake

reflection copy
Nawal Sagar is the beauty of small town of Bundi. This man-made lake is situated in the heart of the town. The beauty of the lake is enhanced at sunset when the reflection of Garh Palace falls in it.

Chandlai Lake

You will find this small lake in the outskirts of Jaipur. The lake is very popular among birdwatchers. You can spot Pied Avochet, Little Ringed Plover, Spot Billed Duck and Flamingos among many other migratory birds.

Image source- Nakki Lake, Doodh Talai


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