City of lakes from the eyes of an artist


From rich heritage to fair and festivals, Udaipur offers varied experiences to tourists. Called as the City of Lakes of Rajasthan, this city has wonderful lakes where you can sit and adore the rising and setting sun with birds hovering around.

As you walk around the city, you find chirpy and smiling faces passing by who are always willing to help you. And the beauty is enhanced even more by the tourists who keep coming in to explore this incredible city.

Among these avid travelers are creative geniuses from dispersed backgrounds who genuinely take interest in the city’s marvels. Some of them being photographer, bloggers, architects, illustrators who sit by the roadside and look at it through their creative eyes.

Here are a few beautiful pictures of Udaipur in the ink of such an artist, Ekaterina Petrunina from Russia who uses the pseudonym of “babayuka”. She is an illustrator and vector artist and all these images were originally hand-drawn by her. Take a look. 🙂







Aren’t these simply amazing?



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