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Travel to Shekhawati- the Land of Conversing Frescoes and Beautiful Havelis.



Be it the tempting ker-sangri, gatta, bajre ki roti or the conversing frescoes in once alive havelis, the realm of Shekhawati echos of the immensely rich and endless past. The sinking sun shedding a soft glow over the golden and spirited sand is simply mesmerizing.


One sight enlivens the still but eventful legacy of Shekhawati and holds you spellbound. Such is the magic of this region. Shekhawati is a semi arid dream scape of dazzling fields, fluttering fabrics and open-air picture galleries. A short skip from Jaipur, the region is crisscrossed by narrow near-country roads that lead to half-forgotten villages and wholly hidden havelis. Each stop on the hop-along highways offers secret treasures (some slowly sinking in the sand) lacquered in rich and varied hues.


Shekhawati is also the home to various small fortresses, minor castles, mosques, wells (baolis) and also a deer sanctuary. Ideally the region should be traversed on a Horse Safari or a Camel Safari to enjoy the semi desert formation and these well preserved painted Havelis. Being the northern most portion of Rajasthan it is common to find the locals as mostly Rajasthanis and Marwaris. The populace is genial and open and any visitor is welcomed with open arms and a small tablet of opium (Rajasthani tradition).

desert safari

There are many tourist spots within the region and stay at one of the Palace turned Hotels would be memorable. The palaces, most of them, have now been turned into luxury heritage hotels complete with all royal facilities and services.

Alsisar Mahal shekhawati Courtyard 4

Even though Shekhawati region is easily accessible from Delhi and Jaipur, still this treasure seems to miss the eye of the domestic tourist.

Shekhawati Festival 2

Explore the bygone era of Rajput rule in Shekhawati and soak in the dreamy and fantastic illustrations of Shekhawati merchants’ legends depicted on wall paintings. Also, witnesses the various cultural performances and participate in the myriad of festivals to experience the best of Shekhawati 🙂



Intra State Flight Services Started in Rajasthan!


Rajasthan is India’s largest state by area and is also a major tourist destination for both domestic and international tourists. Tourists travelling to the state often face problems due to time crux and slow travel modes within the state. Finally, Good news for air travellers and to the travellers who are hopping through major tourists and religious spots within Rajasthan! Yes, the intra-state air services of Rajasthan connecting Jaipur to Jodhpur and Udaipur finally started on 4rd Oct 2016.


A 9-seater aircraft of Supreme Airlines from Sanganer Airport State Hangar was flagged off to Jodhpur from Jaipur. Flight will operate six days a week. This is just the beginning of the intra-state air service and other cities will also be covered with the service in near future benefitting businessmen, tourists and others. The minimum airfare has been fixed at Rs 3,499 per ticket.

Very soon the passengers travelling to “Bikaner and Kota and Jaisalmer too would be connected by air”.

Scoot starts its economic flights between Singapore-Jaipur



The much talked about and most anticipated flight service of the year- Scoot’s low fare flights have finally started operating from Monday between Singapore and Jaipur!

“Jaipur becomes the third destination after Chennai and Amritsar where Scoot has started operations. The airline started the flight connecting Jaipur to Singapore according to its expansion plans and this is going to be a gift for the youth, who love traveling and exploring new destinations.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights will operate from Singapore to Jaipur on Monday, Friday and Sunday.

Fly High with Scoot 🙂