The 4th Jaipur Art Summit to be held on 07-11 December, 2016



The 4th  Jaipur Art Summit (JAS) is scheduled for December 07-11, at Ravindra Manch, Jaipur. Already popular as an upscale platform for the display and promotion of contemporary and modern art forms at international level, JAS has witnessed huge success in its earlier seasons of 2013, 14 and 15. The event by far has been modeled as an assemblage of masters and budding artists across the country who present their skills during various programme schedules that include display of a range of contemporary arts, installations, art projects and live demonstrations, visual art and so many other exciting concepts. This year’s theme of the Art Summit is all set to inspire the new generation of international artists along with focus on amalgamation of Indian and World art. The event hopes to create a forum, which will provide an experience where people would be able to have direct exposure to the depth and range of art forms.


With over 300 Artworks from over 25 countries, workshops and demonstrations of all traditional art forms of India, movie screening, talks, discussions, workshops and discussions, the 5 days of the summit are jam-packed with the most exhilarating energy.

Artists from across the globe are going to display their bests here. Visit the Jaipur Art Summit and witness the dance of colors and different shades in an arena of canvas. Experience each stroke unraveling a series of interesting stories. Jaipur Art Summit has its arms wide open, and if you are a true admirer of art then visit the JAS in Jaipur !

Here’s the complete fresh schedule: 



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