Feel the Joy of Kite Flying on Makar Sankranti in Rajasthan


The festival of Kites – Makar Sankranti is celebrated all across in different styles and forms. The Kite Festival is often referred to as the harvest festival because this is the time when harvesting is completed and people get together to celebrate.


Unlike the other Hindu festivals that follow the motion of moon, Makar Sankranti follows the movement of the sun. This festival marks the beginning of the sun’s transit into the zodiac of Capricorn (Makar here refers to Capricorn, Sankranti is called transition).  And from this day onwards, winter is relieved slowly.  With the onset of clear skies and pleasant breeze everyone can be seen in a jubilant mood. On Makar Sankranti some people prefer to mark this auspicious day by bathing in the holy waters of various indian rivers like Ganga, Yamuna and donating  the needy utensils, clothes, food, etc; some rather enjoy by flying kites and soaring the sky!


Food plays a very important role in celebrating any festival, there are special preparations for this one too like Til Ke Laddoo, Dal Pakodi, Gajar Ka Halwa, Fini/ Phini, Gajak and other delicacies in every house of Rajasthan.



The tourism department of Rajasthan organizes a special programme on Makar Sankranti at the Jal Mahal ki Pal for the tourists on Makar Sankranti; there are kite wars, decorated kites exhibition and various cultural performances to enrich the entertainment!

Jal Mahal

The festivities of kite flying doesn’t end with the setting of Sun. As the sunsets and darkness prevails, kites are replaced with paper lamps and lanterns, and the night sky glows in its beauty. Check out our last year’s video 




Image credit http://www.sandeepachetan.com

So, come down to Rajasthan, especially Jaipur, and enjoy the spirit of  the fun filled festival of kites on 14th January 2017, to indulge in some real ‘patang bazi’.

Happy Makar Sankranti 🙂


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